Compilation of (SNSD) Tiffany's singing parts

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Here’s an ordinary compilation of SNSD Tiffany’s most extraordinary and nice singing parts ;) I love her and SNSD a lot~ Clips used (may not be in correct order): Inkigayo – SNSD – Dear Mom Inkigayo – SNSD – Mistake Inkigayo – Tiffany – By Myself Inkigayo – Tiffany – Poker Face Inkigayo – SNSD – Way To Go & Gee Music Bank – SNSD – Gee Music Bank – Jessica, Seohyun, Tiffany – Oppa Nappa Music Core – SNSD – Gee (Comeback stage) Music Core – SNSD – Gee Music Core – SNSD – Santa Baby Music Core – Tiffany feat. K. Will – A Girl Meets Love (MR removed) Thanks to Sment ;) and thanks for watching xD

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25 Responses to “Compilation of (SNSD) Tiffany's singing parts”

  1. jesshanazawa Says:

    I FUCKING LOVE THIS GIRL <3 def. born to be an idol

  2. lamlokXD Says:

    @amylalaz123 thanks! i like it a lot

  3. amylalaz123 Says:

    @lamlokXD SNSD – Mistake

  4. Ong23 Says:

    she sing live is better in the cd. awesome.

  5. lamlokXD Says:

    what’s the song at 1:49?

  6. nurfarisah Says:

    i love fanny’s vocal

  7. amylalaz123 Says:

    @IWillAlwaysBTher4U It’s Tiffany’s By Myself

  8. IWillAlwaysBTher4U Says:

    What’s the song at 1:17 ?

  9. loveholics2 Says:

    2:05 LOL

  10. noonaneumoyeppo Says:

    can someone give me a link to the first ‘way to go’ inki performance please?

  11. cassonelove Says:

    uh… the last song, though its MR, its just the recorded version. trust me. i know the difference between live and recorded. ive seen the last performance. its MR. but her voice is ever so beautiful. you’d never believe it. i love her voice but sometimes, she is off tune. still, husky and beautiful (:

  12. TheVal2112 Says:

    love the way she goes GIRL during her lines in Gee..

  13. xXkiki012Xx Says:

    @SIUMY a girl meets love by k will ft. tiffany

  14. tiffanysnsd4ever Says:

    Fany, fany, fany, fany!!! Never tired of writing her name!! Her voice is so Pretty, Cute, Husky, Deep, Full of emotions,!!! WE LOVE YOU TIFFANY!!! SARANGHAE!!!!!! tiffany<3 tiffany<3 tiffany<3 tiffany<3 tiffany<3 tiffany<3 tiffany<3 tiffany<3 tiffany<3 SNSD <3 SNSD <3 SNSD <3 SNSD <3,… x100000000000000

  15. duyen97 Says:

    @amylalaz123 thank you

  16. amylalaz123 Says:

    @duyen97 it’s Oppa Nappa sung by Jessica, Tiffany and Seohyun =]

  17. duyen97 Says:

    can someone tell me what song it is at 2:30

  18. VivaLaKpop101 Says:

    @KKiacho SNSD- Way to Go or Himnae
    Hope this helps! :D

  19. KKiacho Says:

    0:34 which songs that?

  20. GaleNexus Says:

    @NoobcwalkerxD Mistake by SNSD, it’s on the Hoot Mini-Album

  21. NoobcwalkerxD Says:

    wat song is in 1:47 ?

  22. BrokenMCY Says:

    the MR removed one is impressive

  23. Dadafuturestar Says:

    “A Girl Meets Love”, the last one, was very nice! It’s a great song for her voice.

  24. PassionatePrincess22 Says:

    @SIUMY I think that’s a girl meets love

  25. mizzezDBSK Says:

    @amylalaz123 Me too! <3

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