Cobra Starship – Good girls go bad parody(Good Kids Smoke Crack)

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25 Responses to “Cobra Starship – Good girls go bad parody(Good Kids Smoke Crack)”

  1. PeterLankton18 Says:

    ok i smoke crack because im a good kid

  2. bubbasparks1011 Says:

    @hachq are you for real

  3. bubbasparks1011 Says:

    are you on crack this song is the bomb

  4. taylorlopz98 Says:

    Why did it look like feta cheese

  5. thewebcamchronicles1 Says:

    I think that emo dude at the party was soooooooooooo hot !!!!!!

  6. curtisbolton1 Says:

    @fifixdnb wat is the diffrent

  7. cooldude2528 Says:


  8. tropfestify Says:

    ruka I love your music, but this song made me cry, not because it was funny, because my boyfriend got high in 6th grade and he promised me that he wood never do that again and I found out that he got high again over labor day weekend, and that he was going to high this weekend, and it almost made me cry so hard, so just not make another song about gettin high and all that shit, plzz

  9. PenguinGirl519 Says:

    Thumbs up if you think Rucka rucka ali should get out of jail

  10. PenguinGirl519 Says:

    Thumbs up if you think Rucka rucka ali should get out pf jail

  11. hachq Says:

    this song is sexy

  12. ForYourEntertaining Says:


  13. killerninja566 Says:

    so much better than good girls go bad

  14. SuperJulio2008 Says:

    @GrenadeJumper1313 Hell yeah haha

  15. GrenadeJumper1313 Says:

    @SuperJulio2008 He’s like michael jackson. he can claim both.

  16. USCTrojan2004 Says:

    Loves it!!! Is this same guy who made the My Kapowski song???

  17. xXxDeathlockxXx Says:

    Omg this is funny xD

  18. SuperJulio2008 Says:

    He says hes black but in go cops he says hes white WTF

  19. HimMlerX Says:

    he try to be black! OMG!

  20. DaShuFFla Says:

    @Shadowmythfrags omg its a parody did u read it ?

  21. Shadowmythfrags Says:

    Cobra Starship? Stolen?

  22. emmyLIVE Says:

    seriously, amazing! (:

  23. Smashley1979 Says:

    I love hiz vidz there so funny!

  24. Tw1St3DSt33L Says:

    dude, tell me if that worked :D searching for different foods to space

    space spaghetti sounds nice

  25. GuyWithCellPhone Says:

    Haha, Very Nice(:

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