*Clone Wars Girls* ~Telephone~

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ok i thought this was my best work yet! well i guess..LOL :D so anyways, hope u enjoy :D I OWN NOTHING!!!!!
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25 Responses to “*Clone Wars Girls* ~Telephone~”

  1. GlidingArt99 Says:

    @clubpenguinfan88655 Shaak Ti is jedi general supervising the training at Camino, the other one is Senator Riyo Chuci from Pantora..Btw its written in the video when they first appear..:).

  2. jediwarrior67 Says:

    good job :)

  3. clubpenguinfan88655 Says:

    o i see u put the wons that showed up the most

  4. NicolaTheCullen Says:

    wut bout Aayla?

  5. clubpenguinfan88655 Says:


  6. clubpenguinfan88655 Says:

    good job with the parts and wen there mad

  7. clubpenguinfan88655 Says:

    what wer the girls names?? i know ahsoka padme venttress and sartien

  8. t4xi25 Says:

    Ez egy nagyon jó videó :D Be is jelöltem hogy Tetszik :) Leginkább Senator Chuchi :D

  9. TheMandaloreFett Says:

    @TheGpg101 yea

  10. TheGpg101 Says:

    @TheMandaloreFett you mean senator chuchi

  11. LonnyThomas Says:

    That is a cool song

  12. nic22883377 Says:

    you missed heaps of girls!!!:(

  13. jassie232 Says:

    cool music, nice video you’ve got nice taste when it comes to music!

  14. StarWarsFAN123456543 Says:

    this is very good good job

  15. TheLanimation Says:

    That was really well done. Especially with the lip syncing.

  16. belmorra24 Says:

    the best clip ever

  17. TCWfanSiah Says:

    Ahsoka Beyoncé XD

  18. TCWfanSiah Says:

    ñ me canso d ver esse vídeo

  19. TheMandaloreFett Says:

    @14RandomPadawan actually its a light purple with yellow headdress….

  20. TheMandaloreFett Says:

    1 word: AWESOME!!!!! XD :D

  21. NERD4LIFE7 Says:

    @14RandomPadawan oh

  22. 14RandomPadawan Says:

    @NERD4LIFE7 the blue blonde girl is Riyo Chuchi

  23. NERD4LIFE7 Says:

    @Dreachon never heard of her..wat about the blue blonde girl?

  24. Dreachon Says:

    Shaak Ti

  25. GeneralKenobi153 Says:

    @14RandomPadawan Well Gaga is awesome and so is ventress so that does work, but i always pictured Padme’ As Gaga Hmmm. Padme’ Amigaga ROFL!

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