Clips of Beyonce Singing as a Child.wmv

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Here are some Clips from MTV Mastered of Beyonce Singing
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25 Responses to “Clips of Beyonce Singing as a Child.wmv”

  1. RubbaBandShawty11 Says:

    When she got older she sounded way better!!!1

  2. RubbaBandShawty11 Says:

    She singing to many flats!!!!

  3. SlavicOfficialBalkan Says:

    2:35 the albanian flag allll righttttt !

  4. cushe83 Says:

    I don;t know what you watched but I heard that from Tina’s mouth so….

  5. anewmeePassion Says:

    @cushe83 lol nah, she said her name was passad down through the family to every first male but when it came to hers she was their only child at the time so they gave her that name. It was stated in her documentary.

  6. m0ship0t Says:

    @smcg36 She is doin what she loves, that will never change.

  7. MyFANCY24 Says:


  8. shimmerpink4 Says:

    wow the 90′s lol the fashion was ridiculous and beyonce didnt sound anything like she does now i guess her voice was still developing

  9. smcg36 Says:

    and now she is shaking her tail for her coins~ damn shame

  10. PresObama2012 Says:

    @cushe83 Oh Cool :)

  11. cushe83 Says:

    Beyonce cousin angie looks and sounds just like farrah, :58

  12. cushe83 Says:

    thats her mothers maiden name

  13. PresObama2012 Says:

    How did they come up with the name Beyoncé? Love it.

  14. toastieee1 Says:

    Her voice is so amazing as an adult and her determination as a child has made her a master at what she does. I personally thinks she is a real and sweet woman. Many blessings to her and family.

  15. annleehol Says:

    What did I hear

  16. xchloebosesex Says:

    does anyone know what song they sing at 1:06?? i really want to know!!

  17. Litalici0us Says:

    Thanks for posting this

  18. bluebunny4ya Says:

    Im sorry but when they was younger they sounded like a hot mess.

  19. iluvbeyonce314 Says:

    This proves that bee has always been an amazing singer and a beautiful one too
    #KingB “Run The World”

  20. lusoboy1987 Says:

    so cut

  21. NiseMispokenJones Says:

    @thefloacist I’m sorry, yeah but ithink they used rihanna cause ppl are always comparing the 2.

  22. thefloacist Says:

    @NiseMispokenJones I said Britney would be a better example than RIHANNA, not Beyonce.

  23. MissMartyMj Says:

    She was born to be a diva!

  24. NiseMispokenJones Says:

    @thefloacist how cam britney be a better example considering all the auto she’s done now, and her lip synching at the billboadr awards, sorry but beyonce is a better example.

  25. bullcollar Says:

    Cute child clips

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