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33 Responses to “CHURCH BOY HAS A SINGING SEIZURE.!!!!!!!!”

  1. impalasfinest Says:

    man this lil dude was havin a keith sweat moment

  2. reguthon Says:

    This guy is showing up on American Idol some day :P

  3. DonDotta44 Says:


  4. AlliGotCheekx12 Says:

    I Wanna Go To This Church !!! LMAO !

  5. lace155 Says:

    On AFV He said the only reason y he did tht is cuz he forgot the words

  6. DivDaDude Says:

    @Morr1992 love you too whitey….

  7. nutlil2 Says:

    FALSE ADVERTISEMENT MAN!!!!!!! I thought he really had a sezure!!!

  8. TheAxman37 Says:

    @Morr1992 fucking cracker..Am I seriously the only one hating this white trash? Support black supremacy

  9. david67196 Says:

    a simple silverback exercising his vocal cords this is known as attention seeking to atract a femal mate.preferably white if he can’t get any white ass, black ass will do. see how he goes on to long then the elder silverback steps in to take the mike away from him .THESE ARE CLASSIC SIGNS HE’S REACHING MATURITY.

  10. whiskeygoggles Says:

    Kid has to find a new home now!! hahaha

  11. oXCheapSkateXo Says:

    I think he’s possessed

  12. Morr1992 Says:

    fuckin nigger.. Am I seriously the only one hating this black scum? Support white supremecy

  13. jazypeach Says:

    lmbo too funni

  14. custardaghost Says:

    A perfect illustration of an upbringing by uncritically adoring adults going “You the best lil man!” every time the little attention-seeker did his thing. The results of this “lavish praise upon your special snowflake unconditionally” trend (which has been cemented in the culture by daytime TV and popular psych) infests and rots popular culture: reality TV whores and talentshow puppets, and bawling kids claiming their lives are over cos they didn’t get the lead in the school production.

  15. maryskey1 Says:

    hahahahahahahaha!! that was so funny LOL

  16. AmericanGirlLove2K10 Says:

    Smh…you not suppose to play in church.

  17. lawrence9333 Says:

    People be invoking unholy spirits in the church,and don’t even know it.

  18. VilisVeritas Says:

    This has to be Marcus Canty!  Seriously, the manner, the spasms…he has is all. Where’s Nicole…vote this man through!

  19. rai12357 Says:


  20. EAMagwood Says:

    I would beat the hell out of that boy when we come home from church!

  21. thomascrystal1992 Says:

    he must have herd and older person sing the song like that and copied off he or she

  22. FreeDrugz Says:

    lmao snatched that microphone from him real quick

  23. AngelMadkins Says:

    tht dude said GIVE EM A HAND GIVE EM A HAND and pushed him off the stage hahaha cute though!!!

  24. TheUneverkno Says:

    no -____-

  25. luvthelordnclarksis Says:

    @MytherapyChannel yeah lmbo…it was too funni….i hope the clark sisters saw this though….its

  26. mickeylehuynh Says:

    @blsb78 Please watch part 2. Thank you.

  27. blsb78 Says:

    Too far & unfinished work

  28. mickeylehuynh Says:

    @aries06041 Gần gần giống như rau câu, nhưng loại nầy khi ăn thì dai hơn.

  29. aries06041 Says:

    Cái này ở Việt Nam gọi là rau câu phải không?

  30. BestJbfaninNc Says:

    nau an ma noi bang tieng trung hay HUE la kho nghe de so…….hieu khi khg biet ba noi gi

  31. vienanh87 Says:

    thanks chi nhieu lam

  32. mickeylehuynh Says:

    @vienanh87 Đó là : Knox / Original Geletine / loại 32 envelopes. Em có thể tìm mua ở những chợ của Mỹ – siêu thị của Mỹ mới có (chợ VN không có bán) . Chúc em làm món này thành công nhé. Thân ái.

  33. vienanh87 Says:

    thanks vi chi da share cach nau an tren you tube. E thay mon nay rat phu hop cho trang mieng. Nhung nguyen lieu tren co the tim mua o cho VN ko?. Cai goi’ ma moi~ mot lop’ chi cho 3 goi’ vao do’. Chi co the ghi lai cai ten cho e duoc ko? vi em nhin ko ro lam. thanks chi nhieu

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