Chronicles Of An Online Poker Player – Part Three

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Chronicles Of An Online Poker Player – Part Three

Author: J. Scott Miller

 “Where does all of the money go”

I have been playing poker online for years.  I have played in casinos as well, but still enjoy playing poker online.  If you are like me (And I hope you’re not), have you ever wondered, in the end, where does all of the money go?

Yes, I know what you are thinking; “It goes to the great poker players.”  Sometimes, maybe, but in the end, it pays off handsomely to be the owner/operator of an online sports book/casino/poker room.  But it also pays off to know what you are doing while playing play real money poker!  Learn the game before losing your money to the good players.

I have “cashed out” several times, and it really does feel good, doesn’t it?  I hope your answer was “yes.”  If your answer was, “I have never cashed out any money,” then keep reading my articles and you will learn how to win (mostly from the mistakes I have made in the past!).  I can joke about it, but if you want to know where the money goes, and you have never cashed out, the online owners get what is called a “rake.”

A “rake” from the play real money poker room is usually 5% per completely played hand.  I just logged off of Intertops (where I play) and saw that I played in their 2.5 billionth hand!  Yes, that is 2,500,000,000 hands so far.  If you want to do the math, and I choose not to, that is a lot of raked hands, equaling a lot of cash for the operator.  But does all of the money go to the online operator?  In the end, most of it does, but that depends on your skill level and your wallet size.

Remember the old saying; “The cream always rises to the top?”  You should log onto a poker room sometime and peek into a room that is playing 0/0 blinds, with no limit.  You had better know what you’re doing in those rooms! These are the players who at times, when things get slow, will go down to the smaller stake rooms and make some money off of the “bottom feeders.”  That is why you need to need to learn how to play.  Make every cent count when making and calling your bets.  Yes, a bluff every now and then is okay, but playing smart does not mean playing “safe.”  Recognizing a superior player can be hard to do.  Another old saying to refer to; “If you look around the table looking for the sucker, it is most likely you!”  Yes, just call me the “Lolly Pop Kid.”

There are many books and online articles to read to either brush up on your skills, or begin learning the game all together.  You can play in the “free” games offered in many sites, but really what is that for?  It is a “chat site” for people looking for a conversation.  Do you think you’ll be saying, “Oh boy, he just went all-in with his fake money, what should I do?”  Who cares about the free poker rooms?  Learn the game!

So if the cream does rise to the top, why can’t you go up there with it?  Read a book, play the cheap rooms for a while, and when you are ready to take the leap, move up a level or two.  That leads me to the next article I’ll be writing about, “No-Limit Poker versus Limit Poker.”  There is a huge difference in how to play and what to be aware of while playing these games.  See you at the tables.


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