Christina Aguilera-EXPRESS (Burlesque) LYRICS

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sorry if something is wrong :) . x
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22 Responses to “Christina Aguilera-EXPRESS (Burlesque) LYRICS”

  1. getoutmyfaceful Says:

    love this song

  2. wieniseroxs1 Says:

    i’m just saying, all ladies come put yr grown up doesn’t even make sense

  3. lizstercello Says:

    @pokegirl5300 I’m not trying to be mean or anything I just wanted to say some of your French accents are wrong

  4. hannahama100 Says:


  5. wieniseroxs1 Says:

    @breelovesyou122 im doin that :)

  6. BreeLovesYou122 Says:

    . Thumbs up if your dancing around the room without anyone watching, while listening to this. (:

  7. JuliaIsGawjuz Says:

    @thegoodtwin000 Get a life retard.

  8. thegoodtwin000 Says:

    @pokegirl4300 hmm whatever idc

  9. pokegirl4300 Says:

    @thegoodtwin000 woww if thats the best u got then hun u are easily outclassed :) 

  10. joanna0766 Says:

    love this song thatnks so much for putting on youtube

  11. thegoodtwin000 Says:

    @pokegirl4300 Va t’empaler encule :)

  12. pokegirl4300 Says:

    @ thegoodtwin000 fille putain tu as des questions. si u n’aimez pas la vidéo vont faire vos propres, personne beacause donne un baiser sur cette erreur. Vous allez ici râler à la fille qui a fait la vidéo et prettyflyybxtch sur une erreur. J’ai adoré la vidéo, et si elle a fait une erreur, dites-lui gentiment, Si u ne réalisais pas, cette vidéo a 34 aime, n’aime pas, alors ferme ta gueule et regarder la vidéo fous.
    Oh yeah, I just dissed u in french! LEARN IT

  13. SuperSexybunny1 Says:

    u did an awesoum job dont let othas put u down. u got my thumbs up! :) 

  14. thegoodtwin000 Says:

    @PrettyFlyyBXtcH Bitch like i give a fuck, she stupid just like you

  15. xEwelaLBNx Says:

    @thegoodtwin000 who the fuck you think you are? -_____-

  16. PrettyFlyyBXtcH Says:

    @thegoodtwin000 the creator of this vid just said sorry if something is wrong. So shut the fuck up. The video is fine.

  17. thegoodtwin000 Says:

    She says guaranteed did you really hear her say lets give it to you really? fix it

  18. 1407lady Says:


  19. BabyLenaBoo123 Says:

    I love Berlesque! and Christina!

  20. alexglez09 Says:

    good work with the lyrics <3

  21. xEwelaLBNx Says:

    thank you :) x

  22. xBiebersShawty19x Says:

    Awesome Job :D Haha First Commentt Yay ;P

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