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This is a movie I made for my Film History class. It combines a variety of classic Hollywood genres into one ridiculous heist film. PS Sorry about the audio in the first scene. Don’t worry, it gets better.

We are tricked into playing strip live strip poker and then investigate a ghost ship!


11 Responses to “Censored!”

  1. Feoremar Says:

    Favorite line:
    Matt: It just on a chair… in a pool of blood.


  2. TheBlaziken437 Says:

    Cards? You wanna play cards?

  3. ElizabethWebster Says:

    “We gonna play cards?”


  4. Theamericanjedi10 Says:

    Potion of healing, chest, dead crewmember…

  5. Shekanereal Says:

    Yeah I can see why a bunch of chicks would fall for your character. I mean just look at him. The handsome devil

  6. aenople Says:

    @AnimeLoveoftheGods I wish that I could have chosen if I would want to betray the gang or be a part of them… I would definitely be a part of them.

  7. Eric333333333 Says:

    Forever alone. (your character.)

  8. kanoskull Says:

    guess who killed all the crew? it was MATTHIEU BELLAMONT! :o

  9. zackattack50ful Says:

    NO YOU MISSED ONE OF THE BEST DAGGERS IV SEEN it was in that little farm house where the girls jumped you
    the leader had it and you didnt pick it up

  10. AnimeLoveoftheGods Says:

    @KenMantheUltimate If you play female they try to recruit you to be part of their gang.

  11. KenMantheUltimate Says:

    Is the woman gang quest available if you play a female, or is it something different?

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