Celebrity Autobiography – Kristen Wiig reads Suzanne Somers

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Celebrity Autobiography is Now Playing at the Triad Theater in New York – TO SEE CURRENT DATES & TO BUY TICKETS, Visit: www.smarttix.com This episode of Celebrity Autobiography features Kristen Wiig reading an except from Suzanne Somers’ book of poetry “Touch Me.” Check out Celebrity Autobiography on the web: www.celebrityautobiography.com http
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25 Responses to “Celebrity Autobiography – Kristen Wiig reads Suzanne Somers”

  1. chiefplay27 Says:

    @mwilson345 Does this make you as happy as dicso? Did you ever go to Pongos? I think I met you there in 1976?

  2. lunakick12 Says:

    are all these poems improv?

  3. Iskander0027 Says:

    Gold. Pure gold.

  4. earinsoff Says:

    Kristin is the best, Kene and Adam blow!

  5. themilyandjackie Says:

    i love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 SHES AMAZING

  6. proudgirl Says:

    “But whee l-h-h-ovved.”

  7. itzjoeymac Says:

    Kristin’s not the ONLY reason SNL is rockin’ again. She’s the BEST reason.

  8. natediggitydog85 Says:

    hahaha he gave her a lil butt tap XD

  9. OzTerri Says:

    she doesn’t need to say a word .. and it speaks a million. brilliant and wiig-iant.

  10. LH270677 Says:

    All joking aside, she has a lovely speaking voice.

  11. vsilver839 Says:

    She needs to do the audio version of this book…i’d buy that

  12. DCausicM Says:

    she looks a bit like dobby

  13. VietHetzer Says:

    anyone catch that ass slap at 0:14? Stud.

  14. OldiesandNewies94 Says:

    She is a hilarious woman…and a hot one at that :D

  15. wdsa8d Says:

    a tone-and-timing virtuoso. what a gem she is in comedy

  16. phillies2008wsc Says:

    i’d let her give my dick a ride for a while.

  17. manganzoncineymusica Says:

    lean nuestra entrevista exclusiva con las protagonistas de “bridesmaids”, wiig y rudolph, en nuestro sitio en español!

  18. luluberyllium Says:

    @griiseknoen are you kidding me!? That was some of the shittiest, freshman in college poetry I’ve ever heard. 99% of all poetry is bullshit.

  19. sarasnee7 Says:

    I wish they wouldn’t waste it on dogs.

  20. 7shakeNbake Says:

    @paulwells26 ohhh, ok i get it, Kristen is adding stuff to it….

  21. 7shakeNbake Says:

    @paulwells26 is what Kristen reading somer’s actual book? every word of it?

  22. paulwells26 Says:

    The only poetry worse than that douchebag is Jewels.

  23. sinfony Says:


  24. griiseknoen Says:

    Ha ha ha … But.. oh my God… Suzanne´s poetry is actually pretty damn GOOD!!!


    @sauceykat That would be a great idea.

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