2010 WSOP Schedule has been Announced

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2010 WSOP Schedule

Online poker play online. The 2010 WSOP Main Event will kick off on July 5th, bucking a trend of beginning before the Fourth of July. The final table will be determined on July 17th and the third installment of the November Nine will take to the felts at the Rio from November 6th to 9th in what will likely be a similar schedule to this year.

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2010 WSOP – 6 New Rules Released

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In an effort to improve the world’s largest and most prestigious series of poker tournaments, six new poker rules have been added to the WSOP schedule 2010, making it a full list of 105 rules.

[caption id="attachment_881" align="aligncenter" width="406" caption="2010 WSOP Poker Rules"]2010 WSOP Poker Rules[/caption]

The 2010 WSOP Poker Rules are divided into seven sections  – Registration and Entry, Scheduling, Prizing and Seating, Player Conduct and Tournament Integrity, Player Likeness and Image, Poker Rules, and Operations Policies and Procedures.

  1. There’s Rule No. 9 spells out how players are required to obtain free Harrah’s Total Rewards cards prior to registering.
  2. Rule No. 14 notes that registered players who don’t show up by the start of the third level of a tournament will be considered a “no show” and have their chips removed from play. Those players’ buy-ins will be taken out of the prize pool and can be reclaimed by the players up until July 17, 2010.
  3. Additionally, the third section  -  Prizing and Seating  -  has one new rule stating how WSOP Buy-In chips won in satellites have no cash value and must be redeemed during the 2010 WSOP.
  4. Rule No. 67, stating that the right to dispute a hand ends when the new hand begins, is new.
  5. So is Rule No. 79 that states if a dealer accidentally deals a flop of four cards (rather than three), those four cards will be turned over, randomly scrambled, and a tourney official will come over and select one of the cards to be the next burn card, leaving the other three as the flop.
  6. And finally, the new Rule No. 97 states that “repeated etiquette violations” like touching others’ cards and chips, delaying the game, or acting out of turn can earn one penalties if the tourney staff deems it appropriate.

Full list of 2010 WSOP Poker Rules available over at the WSOP website. The 2010 WSOP schedule was announced in December, keeping much the same but introducing a few new events.

When does the world series of poker 2010 start?

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The main events of the world series of poker 2010 will start on July 5 and will run till 17 July. The next phase of the main event will again start on 6 November after a gap of 4 months. The grand finale or November Nine will be held on 6 November, 2010.
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