500pc 14g Poker Chips Set w/Aluminum Case

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500 Poker Chips Set

Looking for a 500 Poker Chips Set?  This 14 gram clay composite Poker Pro set is a nice set to have and impress your friends with. The set comes with 500 Poker Pro chips, 1 Poker Case, 2 Decks of playing cards, 5 Dice and 1 dealer button.

[caption id="attachment_965" align="aligncenter" width="461" caption="500 piece poker chip set"]500 piece poker chip set[/caption]

14g Poker Chip Set Color Combination

150 1′s
150 5′s
100 25′s
50 50′s
50 100′s

[caption id="attachment_966" align="alignleft" width="203" caption="500 piece poker chip set"]500 piece poker chip set[/caption]

300 Poker Chip Set on Sale: Order Now & Save $25

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300 Poker Chip Set

Looking to start your own home poker game and need poker set 300 chips? This 300 Poker Chip set is perfect for the home tournament player that want to impress your poker buddies.  These poker set 300 chips are made of a clay composite material but are manufactured using a new technology that gives them the sound and feel of a real clay poker chip.

300 Poker Chip Set
300 Poker Chip Set

Poker Set 300 Features

The Poker Set 300 chips are 9 grams each and 39mm in diameter. The chip breakdown for the 300 piece set is:

  • 100 white $1
  • 50 red $5
  • 50 Green $ 25
  • 50 Black $ 100

Buy Poker Set 300 Now and Save $25

Poker Chips

Buy Professional Poker Table on Sale and Save $120!

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Poker Table Sale

Looking to buy a poker table? The Ultimate Poker Table (on sale now!) is by far the best value for the dollar that you have ever come across for a poker table!  This professional poker table has a removable and fully customizable playing surface and is only 92″ in length  – seats up to 10 players. And the great news is you can save up to $120 when buying this poker table on sale!

[caption id="attachment_940" align="aligncenter" width="420" caption="Buy Poker Table"]Buy Poker Table[/caption]

Poker Table Features:

Here’s what you get when you buy this quality poker table:

Length: 92” (SUV friendly!)
Size: 92” x 44” x 30
Color: Black/Blue. Also available in Black and Red.
Weight: 110lbs
Racetrack: 5″ cherry wood veneer racetrack
Cupholders: 10 Stainless steel 3″x 2″ cupholders. Fits cans and bottles
Legs: 1/6″ Heavy duty steel fold-in legs
Frame: Steel support frame, will support a 200lb person!

The rails feature a signature mid-firm memory foam, overstuffed and wrapped with heavy duty armrest vinyl. Casino grade playing surface is hands down the plushest surface on the market. Heavy duty steel folding legs ensure stability while retaining mobility, and ten stainless steel, 3in tall, 2 1/2in deep cup holders ensure that your drink stays put. Professional playing surface foam, casino quality firmness with responsive give – thickest playing surface foam on the market. Premium play surface felt, will never fuzz.

Buy Poker Table Now and Save $120!

This fantastic poker table is on sale now. Buy poker table now and save up to $120!

This unique poker table seats up to 10 Players. Host game night for your friends today!