19 years old kid winning 2.2 million dollar prize!!!

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[caption id="attachment_708" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="19 years old kid plays poker real money"]19 years old kid plays poker real money[/caption]

A 19-year old cashed out mulit – million dollars pot. Harrison Gimbel recently  graduated from The Benjamin School in Palm Beach Gardens this past spring. At his 19 he plays poker for real money.

“It’s just a great feeling,” Gimbel told CBS 12 by phone from the Bahamas. “I’m the youngest main event champion ever. I couldn’t ask for anything better right now.”

The teenager says he started playing poker with friends six years ago. “Poker’s really just a game of skill,” observed Gimbel. “It’s a lot like chess, where it’s like a mind game.”

And he’s gotten really good at it. The Bahamas tournament had more than 1,500 participants, each putting up $10,000 to play.

What’s Gimbel going to do with the $2.2 million dollar prize? “I’m probably going to get myself a new car,” responded Gimbel, explaining that he currently drives a 1999 Jeep Cherokee that doesn’t work very well.

He’ll also likely play more poker. Since one has to be 21 to play tournaments in the United States, he’s limited to overseas events for a couple more years.

“My plans might include playing some more tournaments around the world and practice my skills by play online poker games,” said Gimbel.  “Just travel the world, while I do what I love”

Phil Ivey is "Back on Market" again

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Great news for many ladies out there.  Phil Ivey and his wife Luciaetta both filed a joint petition for divorce on December 22nd and they were granted said divorce court.

Was not a big surprise for many of us. It is hard to be married for a POKERSTARS like him. Poker is a hard lifestyle and very few couples really last in poker. His life is full of “Poker Real Money”.

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XBLINK Turns $11 Into $833,193

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An online poker player named XBLINK got the attention of the poker enthusiasts around the world by turning an $11 investment into $833,193. No one really seems to know who XBLINK is.

[caption id="attachment_525" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="XBLINK"]XBLINK[/caption]

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Phil Ivey Divorce

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Phil Ivey Divorces Wife

According to TMZ sports, Phil Ivey, a professional poker player, divorces his wife Luciaetta. The couple filed the joint petition in a Nevada court on December 22, just three days before Christmas. The divorce was granted on December 29th. Both parties were present for the ruling.
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