Holdem Tactics – How To Become A Champion Poker Player In 60 Days

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Holdem Tactics – How To Become A Champion Poker Player In 60 Days

Want to become a champion – and I mean a real winner – poker player in 60 days. Well these Holdem tactics will enable you too. Read them now.

The very fact that you are reading this means that you, like me, are interesting in becoming a true champion poker player. You either enjoy poker very much, are attracted to the probability, risk or fun side of it or like the aspect that it can provide you money. And for this reason I’ll know you’ll enjoy this Holdem tactics article and will feel the urge pushing you to continue learning more.

The No Frills Holdem Tactics Guide For You To Become A Profitable Poker Player In 60 Days – Or Less.

Week 1 – Learn the rules

You’ll need to learn how to play Holdem for starters. Learn the rules, how to play, what a bet, blind and button are. The move you can make. Learn all the little rules that govern what happens in weird event, like if two people have the same hand, and how much you can bet if you have a small stack, etc.

Week 2 and 3 – Dig into strategies and tips

Now’s the time to learn some serious Holdem tactics. You’ll need to get on the net, get in a library and start learning. You need to know a great range of Holdem tactics you can use to dominate your opponents. Learn TAG, LAG, cut-offs, blind stealing, starting getting into a big of probability and poker psychology.

It’s crucial in these two weeks that you learn as much as you can for free, but also start writing down any paid/cost opportunities you see. These could be books from amazon, poker guides or courses from websites, or whatever. Don’t buy anything now, just write them down.

Week 4 and 5 – Start playing low limits

Notice how it’s been a month and you are just sitting down to play? This is how you become really good really fast – for really cheap. By learning all the basic Holdem tactics first you are going in with half a chance of winning. Sit down at the super super low limit tables, the penny tables, the 1c tables, and start trying out what you have learned.

In these weeks you’ll also want to browse over your previous ‘wish list’ of books and courses that you think would help. Depending on these, how you feel, what type of player you want to be, how much money you have, pick 1 or 2 (or 3) and purchase them.

Week 6 and 7 – Amp it up

As soon as you get the books and courses go through them. It will probably take you a good few hours to read a solid book. You need to read it 2 or 3 times, and every time you read it you have to take notes. Write down things that stand out, things you learnt, ideas you think will really be profitable.

Now you’re ready to move up the stakes a little bit. Move up to what your bankroll can comfortably support. You need 20 times the sit down table limit in your bankroll. OK? Stick to that rule.

When you start playing you should be doing so with a lot of concentration. You should be thinking about every single thing, thinking about all the Holdem tactics you have learnt, looking at your notes, have you books at arms reach. You really need to try really hard here.

If you are going to have any difficulties it will be around here. Usually you’ll hit an emotional barrier where you are succeeding, and you brain doesn’t want you to succeed, so you will sabotage yourself. It’s very common if you have always had quite a poor life and you are nor making money.

Week 8

By now you should have maybe one or two really good Holdem tactics that are making you money and you can comfortably repeat or replicate this over and over. Pretty cool hey? So now you can lean on these strategies to make you money along the way and repeat weeks 2 to 8 over and over for more and more strategies.

You’ll naturally become a very good poker player and all of a sudden, you will just be using all these Holdem tactics all the time and making all these good decisions with everything you know. At this point you might not be a World Poker Tour winner but you’ll be pretty good and a lot better than 99.9% of poker players – and that’s a champion in my books.

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Bad Beat Poker – It Happens

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Bad Beat Poker – It Happens

If you ever see an angry poker player carrying on and throwing a fit about a hand, you can generally assume this player has taken a bad beat. “Bad beat” is a terms pokers referring to having a strong dominating hand lose to a much weaker hand held by another player.

If you’ve read my previous uplifting article about bad beat jackpots, you might be excited about the possibility of experiencing a large bad beat in a brick-and-mortar poker, but most players hope they can defy the laws of the universe and never have to experience bad beat poker.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing online poker or brick-and-mortar poker, players are constantly getting frustrated and complaining about bad beats. If I had a dollar for every bad beat story I’ve heard in my life, I wouldn’t be sitting here playing a online multi-table tournament; I’d be vacationing at the beach.

Generally it’s the better and more experienced players who are amazed at losing to large underdog hands. Newer players often don’t realize the odds of a bad beat poker hand like pushing all in with AdJc and miraculously beating AsKs by spiking a Jack on the river.

Experienced and educated poker players need to take a step back and realize that bad beats will always happen when playing poker. Most decent poker players always talk about how amazed they are when they experience a bad beat, and they try to claim that it always happens to them. One thing that experienced players don’t realize is that if they are constantly playing with weaker opponents and experiencing bad beats, it’s because they always have the dominating hand.

You hardly ever see an advanced poker player lay down a bad beat on a much weaker player, especially in a no-limit game. The reasoning behind this is because as the better player, he generally has the better hand going into an all-in situation, so it seems like weaker players never experience bad beats. Players have to learn to take pride in generally making the correct play with the better hand and simply brush it off when they finally experience a horrifying bad beat.

Another common topic arises when talking about bad beats: how bad beats seem to happen far more often while playing online poker than when playing in a casino. For years players have spread myths and rumors that online poker is rigged. These players accuse the online card rooms of creating large action hands for the players involved in a game to drive up the size of the pot, which spikes up the casino rake. These myths and rumors are exactly that: all fake. All online poker rooms experience rigorous pattern testing and verification to provide completely random hands for all games at all times.

The truth of the matter is, when playing online poker, you see far more hands than when you are playing in an actual casino. Playing brick-and-mortar poker, you might be dealt around 30 hands an hour, depending on the game, the dealer, and the other players at the table. However, while playing online poker, you are probably seeing 50+ hands an hour. You might be experiencing double the number of hands as compared to casino poker, which might make it seem like bad beats are dealt more often, when actually their occurrence is generally about the same. If you are playing two tables at once in an online poker room, you are easily seeing 40-50 more hands per hour than if you were playing one table in a brick-and-mortar casino.

One last fact about online poker and bad beats is that the majority of players are more hesitant about calling large all-in situations when playing in actual casinos with actual money chips in front of them. Often online players, especially newer players, don’t have a problem pressing the “Call” button on their monitor, even in situations where they shouldn’t be calling. After all, it only takes one click of a mouse. If the same player were forced to push out in chips in a / brick-and-mortar casino no-limit game, he might think twice about his hand strength before throwing his money away.

So, all in all, no player can truly avoid receiving or giving bad beats in poker. Taking a hard bad beat sticks out in your head much longer than laying a bad beat down on another player. To keep your game sharp, you must learn to simply blow off bad beats, remain focused, don’t get frustrated, and understand that other players making bad calls is exactly what you really want. These are the players who keep you in the money and make you a winning poker player.

As I finish this article, I am dropped from my multi-table tournament, 6 spots before the money, when my pre-flop all-in with AK gets called by KQ, and my opponent turns a Queen. It happens, that’s poker, next tournament please.

Internet Poker Betting and Casino at http://www.WagerWeb.com/Sporstbook

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Great Poker Games

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Great Poker Games

Playing poker in a casino or in a house with friends can be fun, but when you play online real money pokers games online, you’ll also have lots of fun without some trouble. Playing poker is fun and now you do not go to the casino to enjoy good games of poker. When you play online real money pokers games online, you will be able to play whenever you want, the games will be fast-paced, you’ll have a variety of games to choose from, and you meet people from around the world.

It is convenient to play online real money pokers games online since you can do so at any time of day or night, depending on the mood strikes you. No need to wait for this player at the casino, or having to wait all week for Monday night poker at the house of your friend. You can play online real money pokers on your computer now. He must also know that real money pokers online is faster than a regular real money poker. The game is fast online and games go much faster.

When you play online real money pokers games online, you will also have a wide variety of games to choose from. You can choose a site that offers your favorite type of poker, or you can choose to play at a site that offers many types of poker to play. Whatever your favorite style of poker, you will probably find a place to play online. While you play your favorite games you will be able to meet new friends from around the globe. Often, friendships are made that last a lifetime. You can have fun while you play online real money pokers games and meet up new friends.

Here are some Poker Strategy Tips, which helps you to play online real money pokers games.

• Folding weak hands regardless of how much money has been invested in the pot is a kind of poker strategy employed by most beginners. Such an approach reduces the amount of issues you loose in May to play more. This is the approach of many tight players.

• Gambling more despite holding the weak hand is a different kind of poker strategy and can also be sent to all bluff. We would have met many players who make the player, even with better hands to fold in fear by how they react. They tend to fake a good hand with such superiority as to bet very significant issues in laughing, getting up and walking around the table and many fancy movements that impersonate a person with a good hand. Phil Helmuth is an example. As a rule of thumb, they do not always win with such a grind, but some of their poker strategy highlights the terrible results.

• Strategy Poker is not really intended to pro. It is obviously intended for the person with only limited experience. Similarly, bluffing is not only something that should be practiced by a pro, a beginner or an advanced player can do, provided it is played straight without getting caught.

The best of hands can lose despite a great many developments and approaches to computing. This may partly be due to chance. Luck is an ideology and short-term strategy of poker is based on luck may win many times, but only winner will be optimized based on that which will be based on the mathematics of game that helps you arrive at chances of winning and losing probabilities Arrive home to work examining the poker strategy puzzle pieces and finally working on the image properly.

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The game of Poker Online

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The game of Poker Online

Online Gambling Guide with top quality online based gambling information can make you closer to the world of online gambling.

By following the right strategies and tips, you can assure yourself that you’ll become good in poker(like 888poker) in no time.Poker has evolved through the years that players can enjoy some of the most popular poker variants like Texas Hold’Em, seven-card stud, Pai Gow, five-card stud and many more, and in each game, it has its own different rules and strategies.

A good poker player knows how to show respect to his opponents and must have good sportsmanship. When you’re playing poker, you need to learn some of the basic etiquettes to avoid any arguments at the poker table, which can lead to even physical harm. Keep in mind that poker is a game of chance, and sometimes players who are not emotionally prepared to losses react negatively.

When you’re playing bwin poker, you need to put your whole concentration to it. Playing fast is an essential factor when playing poker. You need to stay in the game if you want to see the best results. In some instances when you don’t get what you want, you would often throw foul languages at your opponents, and this could lead you to tilt further. Remember that this is only a game, so you must always be prepared to lose the money you have.A good poker player is always calm and focused on the game.

If you really want to build a strong poker career, then you must follow some of the basic tips when playing poker.Before playing the game, you need to have an understanding of how the game is played. It is your obligation to know the rules and strategies of the game as these will help you plan on how you will play the game.

Money management is very important for every winner poker player’s success. If you don’t want to lose any money, then you can visit a free site where you can test the waters and improve your skills. When the time comes that you think you’re ready, then you can start playing in low-limit games, but don’t stay long enough. If you have enough bankroll to join high-limit real money pokers, then do so. Who knows? You might become successful in that area.

People always want to have chances to spend their time with pleasure and profit, and online casino games just provide them a good chance and playing platform. So the professional and effective gambling guide can bring gamblers much higher odds to let them win some profit and enjoy their happy time!

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Texas Poker Strategy ? 3 Tips On A Strong Strategy

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Texas Poker Strategy ? 3 Tips On A Strong Strategy

Texas Poker Strategy – #1 Tip On A Strong Strategy

Usually, it is easier to win when you play better cards. As in cards that have a high likelihood of winning. You may not get these cards every time but you definitely want to be playing them to their maximum potential.

If you want a strong Texas Poker strategy I would rely on one where having strong cards is a major factor. There are other strategies where you can play more cards, weaker cards, etc, but this might not be the strongest strategy for you as it can often be quite hard or difficult to implement these successfully.

Texas Poker Strategy #2 Tip On A Strong Strategy

Also, it is vitally important that aggression is incorporated into whatever strategy you decide to use. Aggression makes strategies strong, or stronger if it’s already strong.

I never play any strategies that involve weird trapping plans, or weak limping and calling strategies etc. I always using strong strategies that utilize aggression and betting to maximize wins and minimize losses.

Texas Poker Strategy #3 Tip On A Strong Strategy

The third and final thing you really want to be looking out for in a strong Texas Poker strategy is that it will stand the test of time. Although there are some quick and nasty strategies that will make you money in the short term, it is much better to look for and work on a strong strategy that will always work in the future no matter what.

Although it takes a little longer in the beginning, building your strong strategy upon a solid foundation of skills and abilities will enable you to always make money playing poker. And once you get to the profitable stage it’s like no one can ever take it away from you. No one can ever take away your ability to sit down and make money playing poker. And once you have that you can imagine how great and powerful you will feel.

Think about how wonderful it would be to be able to make any money you want, to sit down at the table and be confident that you will win no matter who is playing. Imagine how you would feel. You would feel relaxed, confident and also a bit excited. You would be experiencing a sense of safety and security.

You can achieve this and become such a good poker player that you can generate money on command. The only way though is to continue to learn and educate yourself how to do it. Developing a strong Texas Poker strategy takes time and effort, but most of all education. So please, never ever turn down an opportunity to learn more about poker. Never turn down an opportunity to learn a new and better Texas Poker strategy.

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About Skating And Warnings in Poker Games

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About Skating And Warnings in Poker Games

If you’re new to online casino games, it’s of great importance that you study the rules of the games before you start playing.Now our gambling guide will focus on poker skating and warmings. A “stake” in terms pokerss is a trade of bankroll money or entry into tournaments in exchange for a percentage of the winnings.There are numerous ways to set up staking arrangements and many things to consider before entering into an agreement.
1.Staking Other Poker Players
The two most common forms of staking other online poker players involve “buying” a percentage of future winnings. The first deals with a portion of tournament winnings in exchange for some or all of a buy-in for the tournament. The second is providing a bankroll (or percentage of a total bankroll) for ring game play in exchange for a percentage of winnings measured over set time intervals or at certain increases in total bankroll.Most poker tournament stakes are on a 100 to 50 ratio. For example, if I put up 100% of your buy-in, I receive 50% of your winnings. Ring game percentages vary, but also generally fall close to a 100 to 50 ratio. Here are a few examples of each.
2.Staking a Tournament Poker Player
I pay 100% of your entry fee to a tournament. You pay me 50% of whatever you win in the tournament.I pay 50% of your entry fee to a tournament. You pay me 25% of your winnings for that tournament.A popular system of staking among professional poker players is to buy a piece of many players in a big tournament. A backer may pay 10% of the entry cost for 10 different players, securing a 5% stake in each of their winnings.You can try other real money pokers in poker stars.
3.Staking a Ring Game Player
I give you ,000 to play 5/10 limit Texas holdem. Every 30 days you pay me 50% of your winnings. This example assumes a 300 times the big bet bankroll, where I am staking your entire bankroll. You have the option to buy your stake back after 12 months for ,000.You have ,500 and I give you the other ,500 to play 5/10 limit holdem. Every 3 months you pay me 25% of your winnings, with the same 12 month option to buy back your stake.
4.Poker Staking Warnings
There are two important things to be clear about when considering a staking arrangement. Only stake players who you completely trust and who have strong and consistent winning records and cover everything in detail before starting. By spelling out every last detail you will prevent hard feelings and possible money disagreements in the future.Many players who stake other players lose money doing so. To help reduce the possibilities of losing money, try to avoid staking players who are in desperate financial situations. Players in these situations may not be mentally able to play their best game. I realize this may seem like strange advice because if player isn’t in a bad way financially they wouldn’t need a stake. However, many profitable players prefer being staked as a way to further reduce the variance of their bankroll, or to play at a higher limit than their current bankroll allows.

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Chronicles Of An Online Poker Player – Part Three

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Chronicles Of An Online Poker Player – Part Three

Author: J. Scott Miller

 “Where does all of the money go”

I have been playing poker online for years.  I have played in casinos as well, but still enjoy playing poker online.  If you are like me (And I hope you’re not), have you ever wondered, in the end, where does all of the money go?

Yes, I know what you are thinking; “It goes to the great poker players.”  Sometimes, maybe, but in the end, it pays off handsomely to be the owner/operator of an online sports book/casino/poker room.  But it also pays off to know what you are doing while playing play real money poker!  Learn the game before losing your money to the good players.

I have “cashed out” several times, and it really does feel good, doesn’t it?  I hope your answer was “yes.”  If your answer was, “I have never cashed out any money,” then keep reading my articles and you will learn how to win (mostly from the mistakes I have made in the past!).  I can joke about it, but if you want to know where the money goes, and you have never cashed out, the online owners get what is called a “rake.”

A “rake” from the play real money poker room is usually 5% per completely played hand.  I just logged off of Intertops (where I play) and saw that I played in their 2.5 billionth hand!  Yes, that is 2,500,000,000 hands so far.  If you want to do the math, and I choose not to, that is a lot of raked hands, equaling a lot of cash for the operator.  But does all of the money go to the online operator?  In the end, most of it does, but that depends on your skill level and your wallet size.

Remember the old saying; “The cream always rises to the top?”  You should log onto a poker room sometime and peek into a room that is playing 0/0 blinds, with no limit.  You had better know what you’re doing in those rooms! These are the players who at times, when things get slow, will go down to the smaller stake rooms and make some money off of the “bottom feeders.”  That is why you need to need to learn how to play.  Make every cent count when making and calling your bets.  Yes, a bluff every now and then is okay, but playing smart does not mean playing “safe.”  Recognizing a superior player can be hard to do.  Another old saying to refer to; “If you look around the table looking for the sucker, it is most likely you!”  Yes, just call me the “Lolly Pop Kid.”

There are many books and online articles to read to either brush up on your skills, or begin learning the game all together.  You can play in the “free” games offered in many sites, but really what is that for?  It is a “chat site” for people looking for a conversation.  Do you think you’ll be saying, “Oh boy, he just went all-in with his fake money, what should I do?”  Who cares about the free poker rooms?  Learn the game!

So if the cream does rise to the top, why can’t you go up there with it?  Read a book, play the cheap rooms for a while, and when you are ready to take the leap, move up a level or two.  That leads me to the next article I’ll be writing about, “No-Limit Poker versus Limit Poker.”  There is a huge difference in how to play and what to be aware of while playing these games.  See you at the tables.


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Some Online Poker Games Reviews

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Some Online Poker Games Reviews

So the question now is what site should you go to to practice your skill? Well here are some online real money pokers reviews for online sites which you can use as reference.The best poker site should have a great lobby.The lobby is the welcome URL site or page that will greet you. The lobby must look professional and not cheesy and it must contain all the information you need.

The best online real money pokers site must have a 24 hour customer hotline who will answer to your calls. Online real money pokers site earn millions of dollars a year and it would be weird if they get all these money but do not have the customer service to back it up. A real the best play real money poker site will want to please its customers and never disappoint them hence investing in a 24/7 customer service is logical.

Poker bonus may include sign-up bonus, poker reload bonus, and other promotions in online real money pokers.One of the sites that provide a list of poker bonus from different sites is Earn Poker Bonus. Earn Poker Bonus can provide players which among play real money poker sites gives the best online real money pokers bonus.

Earn Poker Bonus has a collection of bonuses offered to players when one plays online real money pokers. Since deciding for the best poker bonus is necessary to make the play real money real money poker rewarding, one can log in to Earn Poker Bonus. Here, they can find out who among the play real money poker sites have the best sign-up bonus and other online real money pokersr bonus that could possibly be offered once the player signs up to the site.

However, they started brainstorming on virtual online real money pokers publicity, and they focused on the advantages over face-to-face poker: First, they ran some clever quarter page ads in Card Player and elsewhere, extolling the virtues of online real money pokers. Play in your pajamas, play at 2 a.m., play even if you can’t make the regular game, the ads said. The pitch was a good one, and the players began to arrive.

It is expected that over a period of time, a considerable number of first-time online real money pokers players who have registered for these tournaments would continue to become permanent members who take part in the paid tournaments.The ultimate bet is certainly one of the most innovative creations of online real money pokers. You can be assured of it can provide you with the most exciting game you could ever play online.

While doing this, Earn online real money pokers Bonus also provides other relevant bonus information such as release requirements and deposit requirements. Earn Poker Bonus does not only give you details of online real money pokers bonus, it also provides other services that makes online real money pokers more convenient and rewarding such as information on strategies and relevant rules to play real money real money pokers.

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Play Poker Like a Pro at Pokerstars.net

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Play Poker Like a Pro at Pokerstars.net

Poker is a highly captivating card game, with millions of fans all over the world. Traditionally, one would have to go to a casino in order to play a good real money poker. These days however, with the development of the internet, poker players have other options as well. Playing poker online is probably the easiest and most enjoyable way to experience the excitement of the game. With millions of poker players from all over the world, you’ll never run out of opponents. Pokerstars.net is the number one play online poker website in the world, with hundreds of new players signing in every day.

Online poker is very similar to the original real money poker – the only difference is that you’ll be facing you opponents through an internet connection. You won’t be able to look your opponents right in the eye but then again, you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home either. Another big advantage of playing play online poker is the enormous diversity of competitors. You’ll be competing against players from all over the world and might even make some brand new friends. If you’re looking for the poker website with the largest number of players and the best tournaments, poekrstars.net is the place to be.

Many poker websites offer different real money pokers and tournaments of various difficulty levels. If you want to have absolutely everything in one place, poekrstars.net is your best option. Poker Stars has everything from freeroll tournaments to million tournaments. Ring games are also available, starting from 1 cent and going up to hundreds of dollars. Low dollar tournaments are often pretty tough competition-wise but the good news is that you’ll be constantly improving your game. It’s safe to say that pokerstars.net has something to offer to any poker player, no matter how experienced he is.

As an aspiring poker player, you’ll probably want to keep track of the evolution of your game over time. Pokerstars.net gives you the opportunity of reviewing your personal player statistics for every hand you’ve played. This is an excellent way of looking back on where you went wrong and what aspect of your game needs some improving. You can even make personal notes on your opponents and the way they play so you’ll have a good enough idea of who you’re facing the next time you meet. There’s no questioning the fact that your personal notes and statistics can make a big difference in your game.

It’s impossible to remain indifferent to poker once you’ve played the game a couple of times. Most players fall in love with the game from the very first instant and embrace any opportunity of playing. Online poker websites make playing poker very easy and are guaranteed to show you a really good time. If you want a poker website with a wide variety of players, excellent tournaments and great game features, pokerstars.net is the place to go.

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Learn To Play Poker – Basic Fundamentals

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Learn To Play Poker – Basic Fundamentals

Everywhere you look, it seems that people are eager to learn to play online real money pokers. Of course, the many variations of poker out there can make the choice of poker you want to discover a little bit hard to narrow down, but there are some basic rules and strategies that you can be taught that apply to every poker variation.

There is one exception in the essentials you’ll need so you can learn to play any poker variation, and that is casino poker. While the ranking of hands that we go over below is always the same, bluffing is not a component of casino poker, nor is the fact that skill will not help you in the long run. Casino poker is set up so that there is a house edge, which means that even if you do win, if you keep playing, eventually the casino will beat you, taking back not only the money that you won but also more of your own money.

Before we get into some of the basics of game play, it’s important to understand which poker hands beat other hands. Hands at the front of this list will beat all hands that come after (we’ll use the > sign to indicate superiority). Royal flush > straight flush > four of a kind > full house > flush > straight > three of a kind > two pair > one pair. These hands are also ranked according to how rare they are with, as you might have guessed, the rarest hands being the most powerful.

At the heart of any fair real money poker, and a real draw for all players whether amateur or professional, is the bluff. Bluffing is the art of deceiving one’s opponents into thinking that you hold a much stronger hand than you do. There are a lot of theories on bluffing, but essentially it comes down to being able to read the body language and playing styles of other players. A lot of popular references to poker play stick with people who want to learn to play online real money pokers, such as the fact that everyone has a tell. This is manifestly untrue, and even if it were true, it wouldn’t apply when playing poker online against opponents that you can’t see. It’s best to think that some players have a tell when they are bluffing, or holding a good hand, but this is not an iron clad rule that will help you win in any game.

That said, it is important if you want to learn how to win at poker that you ensure you yourself don’t have a tell, and that includes holding stock still whenever you are bluffing. Again, this won’t apply to an online game, but when playing with a group of friends, you will be under study and it’s best to appear natural at all times.

Of course the rules of poker are different according to the version of poker you want to learn to play. We look in subsequent articles at learning to play specific variations, but in the mean time, remember that the one way poker pros recommend to get you a good chance of winning in any situation is to study the game, both the way you play and the way your opponents do.

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