Carmen Electra Strip Poker Video

March 31, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Join your host the beautiful and talented Carmen Electra, along with six beautiful women in the first Strip Poker Invitational! Watch as six beautiful women play an intense, no limit version of America’s new favorite pastime, Texas Hold ‘em – or as we like to say, Texas Strip ‘em!

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16 Responses to “Carmen Electra Strip Poker Video”

  1. vanessahall4 Says:


  2. 45chaunceyfellmy85 Says:


  3. lamestbiokinectic Says:

    Singapore woohoo

  4. 12petersontimothy12 Says:


  5. evonyshelly2156 Says:


  6. diane1223cabos Says:


  7. 454shiobanskidmore45 Says:


  8. patriciawilliams24 Says:

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  9. BabeuaTishaa312 Says:

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  10. Snoikss Says:

    .metacafe dot com/watch/ 4050578 /erica_ schoenberg_nude_strip_poker_4_6/

  11. Digatone Says:

    Felicia Tang was sexy. RIP

  12. pizzamon11 Says:

    boobs at 1:42

  13. NegreanuDan87 Says:

    Lmao.. I can spare 20$ my full tilt poker name is janacu8931 =D

    And yep
    You might have heard players sharin on their facebook wall currently ya can create a account usin the code AMERICAS on Full Tilts webpage.
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  14. Cytron1515 Says:

    I’m not big on card games… but in this case i’d make an exception, especially with Amiee Sweet there. Out of all the porn stars she’s my favorite.

  15. gmcjetpilot Says:

    Tara Leigh Patrick or “Carmen Electra” reminds me of every crazy woman I have known….. she may be totally cool, but lets face it, her stage name is that of a stripper and she married Dennis Rodman for few months…… I think this poker thing is a sign she has slipped to the F list. She is 38 and needs to find a good man…. call me Carmen, I like crazy woman…. ha ha

  16. AngeluaRisaia238 Says:

    lól_Àný_nÊw_plÂYÊr_shoûlD_ÛsE_thÈ_réferrAl_cõdË: yoU600 tÖ_gÈt_ã_600_Ðòllar_böNÛs

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