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A sample of a real money play online poker training video from Learn from top online players.
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Watch part 4- Stealing Blinds Big Stacking,Bubble Play, See KFE’ hole cards as he plays and discusses online real money play online poker strategy during the middle/late rounds of this sng on VegasPoker247. Online Poker tutorial

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  6. ojideagu Says:

    @jumba202 Just as a note on Daniel. He does that for the camera’s and to unsettle his opponents to provoke a reaction that gives away their hand or makes them play differently. He doesn’t base his play on that exact hand read.

  7. ojideagu Says:

    @jumba202 I do do it sometimes for fun while watching others and it’s pretty easy in many situations but it’s a bad habit to get into. I never base my play on an exact hand someone “must” have.

    Unless they are a total transparent fish they are basically telling me their cards!

  8. ojideagu Says:

    @jumba202 Most Pro online players use Pokerstove to analyse their play. You don’t use it while you play, but it shows you to think beyond “What your opponent has exactly”

    There are many ways to play exactly the same hand among good players. You can only put Donks and Fish on exact hands.

    If I know you are the type of person who try’s to read exact hole cards, all I have to do is play my hand differently to trap you.

  9. jumba202 Says:

    @ojideagu POKER STOVE? lol i can do that shit in my head. im not disputing what your sayin cuz your right i was just breakin your balls a lil. but i have called players whole cards many times maybe not exact suit but always pretty close you sound pretty good TRY IT SOMETIME

  10. ojideagu Says:

    @jumba202 Here is a quote from Two Plus Two Poker Magazine:

    “Calling an opponent’s hole cards down to the suits is a neat parlor trick that can impress television audiences and intimidate other players. But it is hardly essential to making good decisions against all but the most sophisticated players. Learning to categorize your opponents’ possible holdings is a simple and effective method for improving your decision-making.”

  11. ojideagu Says:

    @jumba202 I suggest you download POKER STOVE to show you how to play poker properly. Poker is about hand RANGES not exact hands. That is what advanved poker is about. You clearly do not read any advanced poker theory, another person fooled by what you see on TV.

    Go and join Full Tilt Academy and watch the Video by Andy Block about Hand Ranges.

  12. ojideagu Says:

    @jumba202 Look up advanced poker, you don’t try and put your opponent on one hand, that’s old fashioned. The new way is you look at a set of possible hands they can have. Poker isn’t about working out the exact hand someone has.

  13. jumba202 Says:

    @ojideagu your just not good enough to put opponents on single hands yet

  14. jumba202 Says:

    tru dat

  15. ojideagu Says:

    @jumba202 You shouldn’t try and put your opponent on a single hand, that’s outdated poker. You need to put them on a range.

  16. jumba202 Says:

    @asopaso07 i put his opponent on jj because of the way he is betting i dont need to see his cards. and limping with j3 is a whole different story then folding ak OFFSUIT to a rereraise why would you use that as a comparison? so what your saying is you like to see a flop with any 2 cards even when reraised? please come sit at my table lol.

  17. asopaso07 Says:


    Who said anything about a JJ ? I was talking about him folding a ACE AND KING before seeing the flop. If no one has seen the cards, then you or they cannot tell who has the “better” hand. There are plenty of times where I have had an ordinary hand, eg a 3 and J, I havnt seen the flop but I call anyway and suddenly there are two 3′s on the table and I have 3 of a kind! The point is, he never saw the flop and had a good hand! It was worth the risk.

  18. jumba202 Says:

    because he was faced with a raise and a call then got insta rereraised after he reraised buddy obv had jj or better and like he said its a coin toss and in ring games you wanna avoid coin tosses learn how to play before you go critiquing the masters

  19. rembi Says:

    taylor youre playing against nits lol

  20. catalystembodym Says:

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  21. miro108 Says:

    I love “shovel 74″. Where does he play lol. BTW: Who’s speaking on that vid?

  22. asopaso07 Says:

    You really are stupid arnt u ?

    Why the HELL would u fold an Ace and King? Without even seeing the cards!!!
    This isnt a very good training video. No, no.

  23. coulthard1984 Says:

    he folded AK …then again this vid is from 2006

  24. reflectorplasmlabhb Says:

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  25. patio87 Says:


    “Poker tip for the day: Anybody can teach poker if you flop the nuts every time and you are playing against an idiot who will go all in with nothing every time.”

    Seriously, I play micro stakes .02/.05 cents, and I never see people playing that badly, I should move up, lol.

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