CardGamesFTW – Leather Pants [Lyrics]

February 15, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

I do not own the music. All credit goes to CardGamesFTW for this song. MP3 Download Original music video from CardGamesFTW This song is a parody of “Bad Romace” sung by Lady Gaga; click here to view it Don’t forget to subscribe~
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24 Responses to “CardGamesFTW – Leather Pants [Lyrics]”

  1. 1337Gameplayer Says:

    It’s not sonds it’s son… And you made a grammar error! UNACCEPTABLLLLLLLLE!!!!

  2. AmbipomRocks Says:

    8 people don’t want to be french

  3. MrKakuzukun Says:

    why do i think

    grell = marick
    william = bakura
    sebbastian = yami

  4. 155Jakki Says:

    Zah…flah… Mamma mia???  :/

  5. GublerRussia Says:

    I don’t even watch yugioh and I find this hilarious. This song is clearly winning.

  6. 2KingdomHearts345243 Says:

    @Ladydragon981 Bakura said “Marik, that doesn’t rythm” ._. Just sayin’

  7. animeiceheart Says:

    lol read the tags lol

  8. DarkKyubbi Says:

    This amuse me so much…..

  9. AwesomerThanGilbird7 Says:

    The other guy, I guess it’s Bakura, sounds like England from Hetalia. And the French part makes me think of when France wants to marry England.
    Iggy: I don’t wanna be French!
    Francis: Ohonhonhon~, you will. I mean, it’s a….calendar. Oui, that’s it…
    Me: o.O

  10. GDrocksXX Says:

    you cheese-eating surrender monkey!

  11. 112523 Says:

    by alfred hitchcock,
    cock cock cock,
    owh we love alfred hitchcock,

    peed in my pants cuz of this one

  12. MsPichu44 Says:

    why is he speaking french!?!?

  13. animeangel12310 Says:

    @sasorirox528 especially at the french part. XD

  14. sasorirox528 Says:

    @animeangel12310 XD I did~ I thought I was the only one! lol

  15. Manicluv555 Says:

    The french part means: We want your pants, your leather pants.

    I know it sounds wrong but  I looked it up so I’m pretty sure it’s right.

  16. KakashiLover98 Says:


  17. TsuwabukiNia Says:

    Thank you (: I’ve always wonderd what the french lyrics were… I mean, I still don’t understand them, but it’s the thought that counts.

  18. iVorkuta Says:

    @RenpikaRozen I’ma beat you with a metal pole when I get on Xat again.

  19. animeangel12310 Says:

    Who else thought of England from Hetalia? XD

  20. TheDragonOfKai Says:


  21. Ladydragon981 Says:

    We are quite sexayyyy that doesn’t even ryme SHUT UP IM LADY GAGA!!! Lol

  22. SasukeUchihaAC13 Says:

    Hey look its Zero :D Hay Broski ;Brofist;

  23. TheEnseo Says:

    Je Voudrais sonds Pantalons cuir sons pantalons=I Want Pants probe leather pants sounds what it should be is
    Je veux que votre pantalon en cuir=I want your leather Pants

  24. tepoen98 Says:

    The french parts says: I want leather pants probe Sons pants. lol

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