Card Shuffles and Cuts Poker DVD trailer

January 17, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video Look Cool…Impress Friends…Intimidate Opponents! World Class Magician & Poker Player Rich Ferguson shows you how to look like a pro today with the Official Poker Series “Shuffles & Cuts Vol. 1″ DVD. This DVD is packed with 50 (22 Shuffling Skills and 28 Cutting Skills) of the hottest stunts and tricks you have seen on television or at a live strip poker game – all explained to the public in detail by Rich! You’ll see tricks like Riffles, Hindu, Overhand, Asian, Back & Forth, Strip Shuffles, One Handed, Vertical Bridge, Squeeze, Pinky Bridge, Waterfall, Faros, Dovetail, Center Cut, Multiple One Handed Cuts, Swivels, Pivots, Revolves, Triple Cut, Pressure Pullover Cut, K-10 Cut, Scissor, Auto Cut, Crazy Cuts, 3-4-5 Way Cuts and more!! Each trick has difficulty ranking, and also included are shuffles and cuts techniques by Rich never taught before!!

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25 Responses to “Card Shuffles and Cuts Poker DVD trailer”

  1. DrunkGuitar Says:

    Damn…he certainly loves cards xD

  2. 123THERollyboy Says:

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  3. MyJennifer21 Says:

    sis:damn!! nigga a beast
    brother: umm WOW! train me.

  4. jamci13 Says:

    @JRTerrier14 Fingers haha

  5. JRTerrier14 Says:

    @jamci13, eww. WTF are vingers?

    I’m not sure I’d be very pleased with such a mutation!

  6. johnsmith7490 Says:

    pokerview is open to us players as well

  7. jamci13 Says:

    i guess his wife is verry please with his vingers :P

  8. BeTheDream123 Says:

    @venicelovelies ribbon spread

  9. BassmrDK Says:

    @venicelovelies The ribbon spread or the false 2 way count?

  10. fiercekrypton Says:

    If you get anywhere near this good no one will EVER let you deal lol.

  11. wiegerdv Says:

    t F, holy shit dude!!!!

  12. otogan1 Says:

    1:05 fail

  13. giovannimartinezm5 Says:

    if a girl did all these tricks i would be makeing a joke on hand jobs

  14. venicelovelies Says:

    What was the trick at 0:55 called?

  15. DanieINegreanu2700 Says:

    Lmao, I can spare 10 dollars my FTP name = zertron4662 =]

    And yep
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  16. Sycopathio Says:

    1:05 fluke

  17. keaslernhh Says:

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  18. ductape2468 Says:

    thats so cool. Pro…

  19. MrilovetranceHD2 Says:

    omg fucking pro!!!

  20. kokainkate Says:

    @gorgeousgal69 One handed faro shuffle

  21. kokainkate Says:

    @Charlievil Shape shifter Change

  22. KygonG Says:

    Mindfreak! :D

  23. Iramsin Says:

    0:39 that trick is freaking cool i love it

  24. CarlBennettd Says:

    Free game cards, the only place i know that is giving them is freewowgametime (dot) com

  25. haolidx Says:

    what is the song u used?

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