Can You Handle The Truth About Online Poker? Revealing Information on Rigged Poker Cheats

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Can You Handle The Truth About Online Poker? Revealing Information on Rigged Poker Cheats

While many new players venture into the real money poker world, an often asked question is why too many suckouts online and is real money poker rigged? The truth about real money poker is easy enough to see if players take a moment to realize what is really behind real money poker and how it affects the real game.

Several realities, or better yet, truths about real money poker, should be recognized by any person desiring to make money playing poker online. This article will examine some of those truths and reveal some of the misconceptions regarding rigged poker sites, poker bad beats and more information for real money poker players.

Truth about Online Poker #1

Many players are oblivious to the fact that real money poker is a computer-generated program. As such, the true statistical odds and normalcy associated with a live game are absent. Although many poker players will put their trust into the supposed honesty of a poker sites Random Number Generator (RNG) and the integrity of a pokersite, the truth is that ANY computer program is easily altered, manipulated or corrupted by the programmers of that software.

In a live game, a real shuffle and deal can rarely be changed, unless the dealer is cheating. Furthermore, any cheating in a live game is easily noticed by a keen player. However, with real money poker, alterations to the RNG, poker algorithms or other software associated with dealing and shuffling could NEVER be detected by an outsider. The truth is that real money poker DOES in fact alter the poker algorithms to determine winning poker hands.

Truth about Online Poker #2

Players using various software, known as HUDs (Heads Up Display), to KNOW more about your play alters the integrity of the game. For example, many poker related sites datamine hand histories and players actions during online play and then sell that information to anyone who will pay. Sites that sell your information and the hands you play will then allow other players to KNOW exactly how you played hands, your aggression level, your style as well as your propensity to fold, bluff, or steal pots.

Having this information is tantamount to cheating, as you are entering a game with players that already KNOW everything about HOW you play. In fact many of the sites will reveal many of your previous hole cards and how you played them. Knowing about players you have never played against gives your opponents an unfair advantage.

In other words, if I know EVERY poker hand my opponent has ever played and how they played it, I would certainly be able to call them down and potentially win the pot when they are weak, when they are bluffing or when I have a good draw against them. Why? Because I know HOW they have played every hand since their first poker hand online.

Combining the reality of these truths about real money poker, the player needs to vigilantly discover HOW they can counteract against this unfairness. There are several ways to prevent other players from getting access to your stats from real money poker sites, as well as ways to manipulate the real money poker algorithms in your favor.

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