California Monsters (Lady Gaga vs Katy Perry Mashup)

November 04, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

(I could not find an official acapella so I used a filtered one for now, and cleaned it up as best I can. If an official acapella ever leaks, i’ll make a new mashup) Tags: Katy Perry California Gurls Girls and Lady GaGa Monster Mashup Vs Pop 2010 new single instrumental
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25 Responses to “California Monsters (Lady Gaga vs Katy Perry Mashup)”

  1. katygagaful Says:

    claifornia monsters

  2. caseoftheseddie10136 Says:

    @arniesly80s I do NOT agree Gaga is pretty and Katy is the hot one [I'm making a point NOT being gay.]

  3. mjjlover5869 Says:

    @naenaesweave you did a really goodd JOB!!
    &&& those are just haters hehe you see the people who hating on you but goodd JOB!

  4. 9fullinnings Says:


  5. naenaesweave Says:

    @fatbluewaffle You’re commenting on my video, my mashup. So no, you didn’t have to be talking to me. Ignorant people like you get blocked. Bye. :)

  6. fatbluewaffle Says:

    @naenaesweave Bitch was i talking to you!? Get off my nuts ho, and kalm yo’titts the fuck down bitch!

  7. naenaesweave Says:

    @fatbluewaffle You call them ignorant, and then call them a fat fuck, dumb bitch who needs to die and get mulled & doesn’t deserve sympathy. You seem to be the ignorant one. All she said was that gaga has 2 reproductive organs. I doubt someone needs to die because of that.

  8. fatbluewaffle Says:

    @thunderperry wow ur extreamly stupid and ignorant, you make up words then you say someone is better than someone else for being born different (even if its not true) u are the most stupidest thing to exist since dirt u fat fuck, hope u die and get mulled u dumb bitch, u don’t deserve sympathy, all u deserve is shit, hope u get shoved into a hole and die.

  9. Manoonbe Says:

    @Pitchounette2508 totally agree ! ♥

  10. BuckToothMe Says:


  11. GarrettRichardA Says:

    @TheHoneySteph acually its all opinions. so, you think lady gaga’s better, thats YOUR opinion. personally there both ok, but i dont really care for either, that doesnt make them bad. its just MY opinion.

  12. MrCupcakeboy123 Says:

    Where id u make this vid.??
    it’s great by the way way!!

  13. fifthavehottie128 Says:

    hi how ddyu auto tune!!!!!!!!! i must try on myself mayb il sound liike k$? haha jk but i rlly wanna try it

  14. thunderperry Says:

    @xXGothXGoddessXx what ever

  15. xXGothXGoddessXx Says:

    @thunderperry stupid you dont even know what the word is its hermaphrodite and it was a publicity stunt with a strap on dildo

  16. 009mcteady Says:


  17. 009mcteady Says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Pitchounette2508 Says:

    Katy’s the best <3

  19. FrayaGrove Says:

    My two favourites combined <3

  20. TheJamieThomson Says:

    @kieeeeranO1 she isn’t in the original.. dodgy acapella..

  21. MrAustinDL Says:

    katy perry doesnt need to be autotuned her voice is beautiful as it

  22. xxbellarock123 Says:

    @TheHoneySteph THANKK YOU!

  23. Dani1V1Dance Says:

    this is sooo great! love it :D loved katy autotuned! :D

  24. TheHoneySteph Says:

    @thunderperry You have your opinion I have mine

  25. thunderperry Says:

    @TheHoneySteph i think katy perry is much more better because she is not an Aphrodite that has 2 reproductive organ like lady gaga

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