C64 Longplay – Strip Poker

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Video from the C64 game game “Strip Poker” The video is downloadable at www.archive.org
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25 Responses to “C64 Longplay – Strip Poker”

  1. markyboy27able Says:

    this is so frustrating.

  2. greenganja Says:

    Back in the day all you had to do was rename the last file to the name of the first file and she would start off nude…. ahhhh… the early days of hacking…

  3. maiki60fps Says:

    I am wondering WHO on Earth would mind when all the C-64 screen was uncovered in this video… and yes, I have a reason to be angry…

  4. coldlampin Says:

    Lol. I walked in on my dad playing this when I was about 7. He immediately turned off the monitor. I asked him what he was playing and he said poker. I asked him who that was on the screen and he said the dealer, and then told me to leave! He wasn’t fooling anybody.

  5. yexey Says:

    oh the memories… I remember playing this and printing out huge ascii nude ladies on dot matrix printers

  6. yexey Says:

    oh the memories… I remember playing this and printing out huge ascii nude ladies on dot matrix printers

  7. Prongful Says:

    i want her

  8. exposed97 Says:

    @johnnyk427 ha! :)

  9. exposed97 Says:

    these type of games made your commodore, NES, Atari 2600, Amiga worth playing.

  10. morrisandlola Says:

    i want boobies D:<

  11. hwn000 Says:

    What’s a “standart”?

  12. ccrips2500 Says:

    lol this is history? this is just another poker game that brings nothing new to the table. It has such little appeal they had to sex it up to sell, and even then it probably sold like shit. Please tell me the latest porno movie that changed the way films are made today.

  13. StamfordDrama Says:

    I wasn’t comparing graphics or even gameplay, I was comparing this to any game new or old, because this shitty game is the reason video games get bad reputations .That is why this game fucks, haha :D .

  14. ilikepez Says:

    it is a shitty game for *c64* standarts.. not *today* standarts..

  15. ilikepez Says:

    stop comparing you fucking stupid consumer cunt… this is history because it is c64… can’t wait for the next clueless consumer whore who starts bragging about today graphics here and how this is shitty compared to crysis.. or something like that… you all need to fuck off… sheesh :D

  16. StamfordDrama Says:

    Ya Gaming history. Compared to Donkey Kong, Zelda, Tetris, this is Gaming history lol

  17. ilikepez Says:

    dude… this is video gaming history.. have some respect or STFU!

  18. heroxlink Says:

    what a shitty game

  19. DII117 Says:

    go to Europe and you’ll find the excact oppisite, except for the language deal, they swear alot!

  20. DII117 Says:

    Thanks for the answer, that question I posted 4 weeks ago was really huanting my mind!

  21. chrissmith906 Says:

    commodore 64. come on.

  22. lamtatyan Says:

    Thanks for sharing! Though it is not so colourful…

  23. SizZ1eR Says:

    The best selling personal computer in its time, Commodore 64.

    It sold 17 million units, it was so popular because back then a pc or apple would cost at least twice as much and they didnt come with color gfx card, soundcard/synthesizer like the C64 did.

    Also the availability played a huge role here, both regarding the computer itself as well as games and programs that was developed for it.

  24. SizZ1eR Says:

    Another thing i simply dont get, whats the problem with breasts???

  25. SizZ1eR Says:

    Well in some countries they have some very strict rules i guess, and as we all know, sex and intimite behaviour is the most dangerous thing in the world. LMAO

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