Buttercup Hates The Homecoming Queen (Princess)

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buttercup hates princess, the homecoming queen powerpuff girls created by craig mccracken i hate the homecoming queen by emily osment

This is my cover of Electric Feel by MGMT Edei, In My Bed – The debut single available from iTunes now; bit.ly New single from Edei ‘Loved’ is out January 16, 2011 Pre-order it from iTunes here: bit.ly Visit Edei’s Website here; www.edei.co.uk Become an Edei fan on facebook here www.facebook.com Follow Edei on Twitter here www.twitter.com

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50 Responses to “Buttercup Hates The Homecoming Queen (Princess)”

  1. iBlossom45 Says:

    what episode is 0:43-0:49 ?

  2. SuperGoodGirl444 Says:

    the 1 dislike is princess

  3. SwordSinger93 Says:

    @sunnylulutv HAHA! nice! :)

  4. sunnylulutv Says:

    Apparently, the 1 dislike is Princess.

  5. greatrocketmoongirl Says:


  6. AmakiMikashiWWW Says:

    oh how i absolutely DESPISE Princess!

  7. skclarke61000 Says:

    @SwordSinger93 Thanks I use movie maker on all mine i do better with it.

  8. SwordSinger93 Says:

    @skclarke61000 aww, thanks! you’re so sweet! :) i don’t know if you deleted the comment on my bubbles, i am video( couldn’t find the comment), but on there you asked was hardware i use… i’m guessing you mean what video editing software… well, on the bubbles i am one i just used movie maker, but on this one i used a software called CyberLink PowerDirector, however, it is not free

  9. skclarke61000 Says:

    you and your sis are video masters!

  10. NiCoLe90715 Says:

    Lilly From Hanna h Montanta Sings the Song Shes Greate of singing of the ppg

  11. iluvgreyson16 Says:

    @DreamsOfDestiny1 stuck up up and away

  12. TheSceptileDude Says:

    @DreamsOfDestiny1 The 1st episode Princess was on.Can’t remember the name.

  13. DreamsOfDestiny1 Says:

    what ep is 0:03- 0:6 ?

  14. DreamsOfDestiny1 Says:


    i think its “cover up”

  15. plsDaddy1 Says:

    which episode is 2:00?

  16. plsDaddy1 Says:

    Awesome vid. The song really describes Princess completely.

  17. aliengirl789 Says:

    i luv this video good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. MsMouser123 Says:

    awsome i love emily osment

  19. 1997paramorefan2000 Says:

    Love Buttercup!!!! she is my Fav.

  20. PowerPuffGirlsUpload Says:

    I only put like because there’s no love buttonXDD!

  21. isotone4 Says:

    awesome vid.
    i find it kina funny hearing emily osment say “damn” aha

  22. HonoraryPowerPuff Says:

    I raped the replay button. lol Amazing, perfecto, genius!

  23. SnafuFan08 Says:

    I did a similar vid but yours is so better

  24. SockMonkey1226 Says:


  25. ppgrulz123 Says:


  26. 111whitepony111 Says:

    this sucks. wow.

  27. Jangonett Says:

    I would like to have this sung to me by a girl, oh wait, she is singing it to me…..
    It’s just music, she changed the lyrics because she wanted to. True artists do what they want, not for their fans. Maybe if you send her messages asking for another video with a gender change, rather than blowing up the comment wall she would make one.

  28. CallMehALy Says:

    mimiilol is right. it ruins it saying boy. naked,boy,feel,electric . dirttyyy haha but nice cover (:

  29. mimiilol Says:

    Saying boy totally fucking ruins it cause now i just think of a flacid dick in my face

  30. BetterThanMeOfCourse Says:

    Want that guitar haha.

  31. FlyLikeAnIbon Says:

    that guitarist is so beasty lol

  32. kampolino Says:

    somethimes she smile and make me smile too :) nice cover
    and baby boy :D NICE :D

  33. JollyGreenGordon Says:

    It’s a great cover but saying “boy” instead of “girl” completely ruins it,

  34. emilyfaithxxx Says:


  35. nfiggs82 Says:

    Her voice is really great which almost make me forgive her for changing the lyrics. Almost..

  36. MusicIsMyLifeLike123 Says:

    I love this, but changing the gendered lyrics just ruined it for me.
    You can sing it without doing that!
    No one will think your lesbian or anything, if that’s what your worried about.
    They’ll just think…you’re singing a song.

  37. CoreaFever Says:

    I luv how u can be playful with the music : )

  38. ru166 Says:

    she has a beautiful voice. so talented. i’m in love. really enjoyed this : )

  39. lairdstreet Says:

    you have a great voice !

  40. liquidSUGAAAR Says:

    you just fucked up the song by changing the lyrics.

  41. wenloongg Says:

    the hat is hot !

  42. aninahpets Says:

    Take off that stupid hat.

  43. juacoredx Says:

    tabs please!

  44. jujubes56 Says:

    it’s fine, she did an amazing job and it says (Acoustic Cover) , as a cover she did amazingly. It’s a great second version! :)

  45. fuckatrain Says:

    no pueden decir “electric eel” y “baby BOY”, CAGARON EL TEMA CHICOS :|

  46. aaaaanapaula Says:

    electric ill?

  47. morganfry4 Says:

    i agree dont mess with the origianall.. but you have a amazing voice:D

  48. Y0JA Says:


  49. joolpipop300 Says:

    take a look at my cover too ^_^

  50. Spazzosity Says:

    how do you not have an acoustic bay playing with this….. oh well, pretty good.

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