Brown Eyes, Lady Gaga cover

November 30, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

I really love this song-hope you do too! Got a few requests for this one- (Thanks to jjaapp18 and many others for the request! I’m so sorry I don’t remember all of your names!) Luv, Traci (original content…music, vlogs and tutorials) (this channel=covers) SayNow: 949.287.4952 *No copyright infringement intended.
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25 Responses to “Brown Eyes, Lady Gaga cover”

  1. mrsJaSmInEakaducky Says:

    aww she is pretty and she has a good singing voice

  2. LilMonsterHaus Says:

    You are absolutely amazing! I loved this video, and your voice. And honestly- you look UNCANNILY like the woman herself…! I’m serious! Gorgeous. Great job!

  3. TheAlquimist010 Says:

    So great! ^^ … amazing…

  4. AriZonaLoverRaWr Says:

    ur Hayley Williams?

  5. surferdude3451 Says:

    You look like you’re getting married or something

  6. mizzcandymultidafun Says:

    You should have been Ariel in the little mermaid you sing like her and look like her i give you a thumbs up!!!

  7. GaGaLittleMonster64 Says:

    You’re really good, but I think you should try without the editing, you seem like you’d be just as good(:

  8. laceykristen11 Says:

    Your good. but fake…

  9. helmi191 Says:

    beautiful voice.. but don’t know why I can’t feel the emotion

  10. iamsamuelsantos Says:


  11. MegaMiwi Says:

    Wow! Amazing voice timbre

  12. MrsSahnekuchen Says:

    Wow. your voice are so wonderful. :)

  13. Modzokilla Says:

    your simply gorgeous, and sing amazing…..but in your intros you seem like your on crack a little bit…just some constructive criticism from a fan…But seriosly you could be famous…..(less crackitude)

  14. dougnick781 Says:


  15. ColaGagalovermonster Says:

    Your amzing and pretty! WOW!!
    You look abit like gaga lol

  16. dono4828fl Says:

    i love your hair

  17. Megaliris Says:

    @TheZiggyZiggs she’s not better gaga but she’s really good

  18. Horseluvr823 Says:

    “Com on and listen to, the lullaby of Broadway” they are going to be singing that to you because you should be on Broadway :)

  19. scarymovie1100 Says:

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  20. MrJannoMendoza Says:

    @TheZiggyZiggs better than gaga? well there’s a reason why lady gaga is famous and she’s not… but she’s pretty good too

  21. wuhnderland Says:

    Sounds absolutely lovely, and, you look great!

    but maybe it’s just me? I like the “authentic” audio which is low-quality and unedited. you have a great all by yourself: you don’t need “makeup”, etc.

  22. TheEzekhielle Says:

    you look like haley williams =))

  23. boseam5s Says:

    your great,and hot…………………

  24. CONOR363i Says:

    you sound like cristnia agularia omg

  25. totaldramafan915 Says:

    i can tell this is a bt fake cause listen to the singing and how it doesin’t sound like it’s coming right from her as most people just song right then and there with no editing (like how i did my cover with just my web cam) look i’m not hating on the girl but still it’s a bit fake :/

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