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CNC machined out of solid aluminum. dice moves inside its aluminum shell very unique piece.all chamfered and radius With a nice chime sound. Easy to follow sound direction. these dice are also imposable to manipulate when roled because of the inner free movement.
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Jason Auer “of Power” drunk lap dancing his therapist Lilit during the strip live strip poker episode of the “Talkin’ Shit with Jim Jefferies and Eddie Ifft” podcast.
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  1. Katee5835 Says:

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  2. kruser2000 Says:

    First if casino, dice were razor sharp they would cut peoples hands. There is nothing plastic on the Braille dice they are 100% 6061-t6 aluminum. I think they would be imposable to manipulate because of the floating center.

  3. Username93611 Says:

    Casino dice have razor sharp edges and a perfectly cubic shape for a reason. It’s necessary to avoid aberrations which cause bias in the die. No way those rounded edges and plastic with little dice inside are unbiased. Especially not with noticeably raised pips.

    So call them braille dice; not casino dice.

  4. skayc1 Says:

    so where can I get a set of dice like these?

  5. ScubaSteveM45 Says:

    Wait a minute, ALL dice that have pips are already Braille. Yours are cooler and more innovative than my set though. Game dice in Al (test) and Ti (final) were the very last project for my degree in machining.

  6. MrBlassty Says:

    y’know he’s probably already fucked her. In fact he’s probably putting it all on for the show.

  7. HighDefDownLow Says:

    Lilit is hotty.

  8. xSATvideos420x Says:

    Yeah, get it on.

  9. nomnomnation Says:

    Id expect nothing less from the rape cottage.

  10. IrrIsponsible Says:

    Kassem G’s episode? Dear god it’s creepier in video form

  11. chrissiesk Says:

    Oh Jase…

  12. GaboBB1 Says:

    hahaha, this kind of stuff makes me postpone my suicide…

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