Bikini clad girls and speccy beach bum in Specsavers hilarious parody on Lynx spot 'Billions'

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Specsavers Creative has again teamed up with uber-director, Daniel Kleinman, to produce a hilarious new TV commercial that parodies Lynxs famous 2006 spot, Billions. The campaign brings together two of the most well-known and powerful advertising straplines. It broke on national UK TV on 14th March 2010.

Day 4 of Ellen Gone Wild Game Week brought out our fiercest competitors yet! Watch as these girls tried to correctly identify the Italian-themed pictures Ellen was drawing — with a 00 prize package on the line! :: Check Out Ellen’s Game with a 00 prize package on the line!, It’sa Masterpieca! – The Ellen DeGeneres Show SOME COMMENT OF THE AUDIENCE :: Ellen you are a wonderful woman. You seem to be genuine in all that you do, and to have a beautiful spirit. It says alot when this comes through on a television show from someone that has never met. Your show is fun and real, It makes me laugh everyday! I hope that you get back all the laughter and joy that you give away!! May you and Portia have a blessed New Year! Thank You Posted by Shelly | December 31, 2008 9:01 PM HAPPY NEW YEAR, Ellen and Porsh, Thank you for another wonderfully funny year. I wish you well and lots of fun times in 2009. Today’s show with the kids inventions was truly funny and a job to watch. Their innocence is so special. You should have kids on the program more often. Love you heaps, Kathy Posted by Kathy Baldwin | December 31, 2008 4:54 PM TONYA,,,,, GLAD THAT YOU SURVIVED THE STORM. WE HAD ALOT OF RAIN LAST WEEK AND THEN BY SATURDAY WE WERE IN THE HIGH SIXITES. WE HAD A GREEN CHRISTMAS IT WAS GRAT. I HATE SNOW. YOU CAN GET FROST BITE CHANGINT HE TIRES AND PUTTNG CHAINS ON. MY DAUGHTERS WERE BURIED UNDER TWO FEET OF SNOW. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT ALL THE COMMENTS WERE ABOUT ME ON THE PICK
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50 Responses to “Bikini clad girls and speccy beach bum in Specsavers hilarious parody on Lynx spot 'Billions'”

  1. TheArmchairSoldier Says:

    @DarkenMyDoor I don’t see a typo either lol

  2. MattK1221 Says:

    0:35 DAT ASS

  3. TheMimi90s Says:

    haha i love how they make us think its a spray advert (y)

  4. DarkenMyDoor Says:

    Pity about the typo at 0:51. Looks like the agency proof reader should have gone to Specsavers too. LOL!

  5. PirateCrisis Says:

    @mcbooze FAIL LOL she a girl

  6. 31sox Says:


    Ha! I just did exactly that and then saw your comment.

  7. darths1234 Says:

    pause at 0:53 !!!!

  8. fezranger2 Says:

    Danndan6 u got to be kiddin me all of the girls ass are perfection :)

  9. fezranger2 Says:

    Lol best advert I have ever seen 5 star rating

  10. juanfeteamo Says:

    genialll me encanta,, q hermoso lugar ese ,

  11. steve01274 Says:

    one for everyday of´╗┐ the year : -)

  12. Nolascana Says:

    @Yoboification Yeah… in an odd geeky way – Its more charming in the plain way than anything else xD

  13. Nolascana Says:

    @mcbooze Dude – I’m a female.

  14. mcbooze Says:

    @Nolascana GAY!

  15. mcbooze Says:

    @THESAVIOUR451 It’s Queen’s We are the champions, DUMBASS

  16. danndan6 Says:

    that blonde girls ass is total perfection

  17. Yoboification Says:

    @Nolascana You serious…?

  18. catwalkgirls96 Says:

    i know that guy! He is my dads friend! he is called shaun and works in my dads bar :D

  19. Scotty9974 Says:

    Preliator by Globus

  20. matt1337c Says:

    Title Fail

  21. THESAVIOUR451 Says:

    wats da song called?

  22. lorena910507 Says:

    que genial salio el comercial tanto trabajo sirvio de algo , tanto sol pero pa que nos trataron bien …:D en las playas del parke tayrona santa marta colombia con modelos de medellin , bogota cali santa marta taganga etc…. espero q les guste.

  23. munushi Says:

    hu knows wat da music in the background is called ?

  24. 123454321sam Says:

    Fantastic. One of the best adverts i’ve ever seen

  25. Nolascana Says:

    Oh my gosh this is hillarious – I remember the original Lynx ad too and this one is so much better xD Poor bloke, he’s actually quite good looking!

  26. jinalebcooll Says:

    wtf is wrong with this nurdi brunnette!!

  27. Georgeta7704 Says:

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  28. splitsecond588 Says:

    Man, I need to win a car. I will sing you a birthday song!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. poprox220 Says:

    thought it was the one with the most pionts the blondie got like 2 the brunette got like 4!! !! !! !!

  30. sexykatie90 Says:

    sexykatie90 HAPPY NEW YEARS

  31. faithalwayslove Says:

    that brunette is so annoying.. ugh lol

  32. SammmeeBee Says:

    i love how unenthusiastic the blond is when she says pope!

  33. philbio66 Says:


    And what did you think of her behavior on the show?

  34. m3loveg0ld Says:

    wow .. that chick needs to not be such a bitch

  35. thaonekid1000000and Says:

    “the pope “

  36. chclurb Says:

    someone needs to shoot the brunette in the head

  37. Maxxphuckzalot15 Says:

    @Xxfudgegirl25 motha tricka. shes a bitch.

  38. Maxxphuckzalot15 Says:

    Donna (brunette) is my mom. Assholes.

  39. MovieCircus Says:

    @BeXzTeR Lol ya i dont like the brunette very annoying!! Acts like a kid, and i thought blondes were dumb o.o

  40. Monkeyfacenick Says:

    i hate this layout

  41. KayyDogg123 Says:

    heyy guyss. the brunnette is awesome :) she’s an awesome person to hang out with and haha, she is a little obnoxious. but thats what makes her who she is. haha, shes my second mommy (: but my mom is the lady she calls out for help when trying to remember the “mona lisa”. watch the show recorded on the 22 or 23 (i dont remeber right now) my mom and this brunnette and their other friend janet is gonna be back on. haha. :D

    by the way, dont talk crap, your just jealous :)

  42. ereyes28 Says:

    the brown haired´╗┐ girl had 4pts and the blond had 2, so why did the blonde get the scooter?

  43. BeXzTeR Says:

    The blond was the best! I glad she won!
    “Sorry I was just practicing”

  44. GetaLife124 Says:

    wow, i wanna fucking slap the brunette, sooooo anoyyyiing!

  45. iceyfresh52 Says:

    The blonde was getting annoyed she should have slapped the brunette gaga

  46. whits812 Says:

    i agree…

  47. onyony68 Says:

    the black haired girl should just slap herself

  48. Xxfudgegirl25 Says:

    the blonde was pissed at the mona lisa part lol

  49. CelineDionFan4life Says:

    check how many friends she has should be over 900 000 fans and the name is The Ellen Degeneres Show so if those two things match you should have added the right group :)

  50. Wubley Says:

    the brown-haired girl is obnoxious

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