Beyonce Sweet dreams

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Me (Johnny) and my dance crew performing A mega mix to beyonce. Redsexyflame me.. then my Beautiful Nightmares are the Girls behind me ( Nija, Dijauane) and the two girls behind them are my Sweet Dreams ( Deira, Chardy) the girl thats in the red is my prodigy,,,, and we all put on a show. Sony Music Entertainment Content Type: Sound Recording
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Desert Storm 2009 Shootout 174 mile an hour winning speed pass
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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34 Responses to “Beyonce Sweet dreams”

  1. Thomasa3305 Says:

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  2. bettxD Says:


  3. iamluiz2bday Says:

    OMG, eu amei que linda flexibilidade a garota tem estao todos de parabéns

  4. Cedtavious1 Says:

    OMG Ya’ll did that shitt

  5. smdockersy Says:

    I hate the way y’all dance on the part when B goes …My guilty pleasures………….

  6. smdockersy Says:

    No energy for sweet dreams

  7. beaulahgreen Says:

    It’s Discussting

  8. tigga2425 Says:

    dis shit go hard babes

  9. JJazz231 Says:


  10. minotaur878 Says:

    Did that boat just overtake an R44?!

  11. Beltfedshooters Says:

    He went Plaid!

  12. TheREGISMarkV Says:

    @dcbboats666 they must be at least 1000hp engines. Thing was hauling ass.

  13. dcbboats666 Says:

    what kind of motors does that have?

  14. mra2z Says:

    Sorry but your Fastech, just won’t get it done.

  15. christianspelta1 Says:


  16. guardfish123 Says:

    woooh!!!!!!!! listen to that baby purr! made me nut.

  17. videocruzer Says:

    WOW…very nice video
    great job.

  18. enzooq8 Says:

    he is man ya man this speed boat soud nd pwr

  19. nickridesbmx94 Says:

    @garbearize he is runnin twin 1500′s built by GT performance.

  20. 1988boeboe1988 Says:

    good for drugs smugelling :P hahaha ho would like to ride this one a mont from colombia to curacao any one ?

  21. mra2z Says:

    Going, going, gone. A demonstration in horse power.

  22. garbearize Says:

    does anyone know what this has for motors?

  23. mpopo12 Says:


  24. GVVJG Says:

    If your shit is passing a helicopter you know it’s fast.

  25. tgolledge Says:

    Is this Mohave?

  26. winter599 Says:

    Chopper needs more smoke!

  27. mads2402 Says:

    one wave…

  28. Dairyland100 Says:

    Thats perfect for Slalom skiing!!

  29. pimpspud Says:

    OMG hahaha he went past the chopper like it was standing still lol. that boat is hot as hell too

  30. nickridesbmx94 Says:

    That Daytona sounds beast!

  31. CATZR600BRAAAAAP Says:

    The chopper got walked lol. Dream boat.

  32. mikeyg099 Says:

    i didnt see this boat this year. i was hoping he would be back and give jbs a run for his money. spontondl, what happend at the begging of the shootout this year? i seemed like every 10 minutes we would get one boat go by. i was kind of disapointed how long it took between the runs.

  33. kno3nitro5cole Says:

    iv driven one there sweet my uncle has one with two 850 upgraded engions

  34. peppersnatcher Says:

    Dammit, I all of a sudden have a mid life crisis. A new boat would be a nice cure to it.

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