Beverly Hills 90210 S09E15 Part 1/5: I'm Married

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Matt flies to New York to visit Lauren, who has spent the past three years in a mental institution. She returns to Los Angeles with Matt, but he is reluctant to introduce her to Kelly. David and Gina see the couple kissing on the street. Kelly angrily breaks up with Matt, then decides that she will fight for him. Matt informs Kelly that Lauren is his wife. Dylan performs community service on a road crew. He objects to the tyrannical foreman’s treatment of one of the other workers, an upstanding family man. Dylan gets into a fight with the foreman; he must smooth things over to spare his friend from an unfair punishment. Dylan angers Gina by confiding in his sponsor while shutting Gina out. David meets a woman who may be his perfect match, but she seems to have stood him up. Steve and Donna engage in a war of practical jokes with Noah after they catch him cheating at strip live strip poker.

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9 Responses to “Beverly Hills 90210 S09E15 Part 1/5: I'm Married”

  1. cheergurl509 Says:

    do earings count hahah janet kelly and donna are my fav characters

  2. ErinSilverTabiCat555 Says:

    i love how kelly screams when steve takes off his pants lmao

  3. malletejicahomy Says:

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  4. LadyE77 Says:


  5. shortnsweet92 Says:

    the way david looks at donna when she takes her coat off…haha he always loved her:)

  6. bepjr Says:

    All red over here baby! lol

  7. VMARIE20 Says:

    That’s what I was thinking! lol

  8. loisclarkforever Says:

    janet must have liked what she saw when steve stript lol

  9. vicenbine20 Says:


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