Betsson Valueback ? adding to the excitement of a real money poker

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Betsson Valueback ? adding to the excitement of a real money poker

If you are a poker player, you must have heard about Betsson Poker, one of the most popular real money poker networks. Known for its huge database of poker players, highly-rewarding poker tournaments and efficient poker software, Betsson is popular amongst novice and professionals alike. In the form of ‘Betsson valueback’ deals Betesson adds another interesting feature to its poker gaming solutions. Under a Betsson valueback option, the players registering with Betsson through its affiliates are endowed with value back of up to 40%. Much like a rakeback deal, though, the higher stake margin adds to the attraction of a Betsson valueback option.

Here are some of the most attractive offerings and benefits of playing poker with Betsson.

Different Levels of Membership
There are different Betsson valueback amounts for different levels of membership purchased by the players. For instance, if you opt for bronze membership, you can get 1% valueback. In the similar manner, 2% and 3% valuebacks are respectively offered for members availing silver and gold memberships.

Benefits of Collecting Player Points
You can collect the player points after joining this poker network and earn higher valuebacks at different levels as mentioned below:

Challenger level – At challenger level, you can earn an additional Betsson valueback of 4%. To reach this level, you are required to collect 500 player points in the time period of one month. Expert level – You can reach this level in one month time period after gaining 3,000 player points. As you reach this level, you become eligible for additional 11% valueback, making it a total of 15%. Ultimate level – Collect 6,000 player points and you can reach the ultimate level, where you can earn the Betsson valueback of an additional 16% and hence a total of 20%. Pro level – To reach this level, you are required to collect 6,000 player points for every month in one year. By doing so, you can earn an additional 26% valueback, leading the total to 30%. Super-pro level – Finally, you can earn the valueback of 40% by collecting 20,000 player points on monthly basis for one year.

Evidently, a real money poker becomes much more interesting with Betsson Valueback option on offer.

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