Ben Bates – Full Tilt Poker commercial

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Ben Bates – Full Tilt Poker commercial

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17 Responses to “Ben Bates – Full Tilt Poker commercial”

  1. DJonesing Says:

    He was my speech teacher, best teacher I have ever had

  2. devtime15 Says:

    best speech teacher ever by the way!!

  3. devtime15 Says:

    Nice job Ben, nice job!!

  4. michele236555ballard Says:


  5. balain2010 Says:

    LOL. Nice job. Check out balain2010 poker. Have a good one.

  6. veto9 Says:

    oh wat thats ben batesspeech teacher frm elac that guy cool good instructor

  7. ronnyboy1988 Says:

    HA so rad, that dude is my speech teacher. Pretty damn good speech teacher, I can actually kinds of communicate with people XD

  8. mauriciorua21 Says:

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  9. jamie23462 Says:

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  10. cajoleaff Says:

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  11. NorthOfTheBorderEnt Says:

    hahahahhahahaah jenn harmen in the pool little slut

  12. lChupacabra Says:


  13. Horrorbuff2 Says:

    I think I saw this on TV some time ago.

    It made me smirk.

  14. randyp1234567 Says:


  15. alwfndrummer1 Says:

    hahahaha thats my SPEECH 100: PUBLIC SPEAKING instructer :)

  16. HustlinGrind Says:

    BIGBLIND is the official bonus code

  17. Sycorexxx Says:

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