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In the last five years, poker has taken this country by storm. Poker tournaments are shown on dozens of television channels. It’s played by tens of millions people in every corner of America – in casinos, online, and in countless amounts of dingy, smoke-filled basements. It’s played by the young, by the old, by the skinny, and by the overweight. It’s played by men and women, black and white, Indian and Asian.

And that is the biggest appeal of poker. Anyone and everyone can learn how to play it, and become successful. As long as you understand the basic rules, have a mathematical mind, and can think quickly and decisively, you can enjoy popular poker games such as Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha.

There are many people who even make a living just by playing poker. These are people who go above and beyond the basic knowledge and strategies of the game. They have an innate ability to read people’s minds and figure out what kind of hands they are holding by observing them and remembering their tendencies. Poker professionals, such as Phil Helmuth and Annie Duke, are able to make the right move more often than not. These professionals were not born with this talent – they perfected their craft through years of practice, research and dedication.

With the right knowledge and training, you too can earn a good living playing poker. There are many audio books out there to help you get started if you’re a novice, or to polish your game and take the next step if you’re an intermediate poker player. Books such as Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book: Lessons and Teachings In No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em by Phil Gordon, and Play Poker Like The Pro’s by Phil Helmuth are great for beginners; while David Sklansky’s Hold ‘Em Poker For Advanced Players, or Championship Omaha by Tom McEvoy and TJ Cloutier are must-reads for the budding poker superstar.

So what are you waiting for … get in on the action today with a poker audio book!

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