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December 26, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video I saw it in his eyes, back in 1993. Michael Joseph Jackson: MJJ: August 26, 27, 1958 to 2009, June 25, Thursday. Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis’ daughter, married him, 1995. But. This Is It. London. It is too bad. Epic. Thriller. ABC. Joey Arnold. L4OJ. Oatmeal. Bumbaloe. Never…

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  1. MimiLovesMJ Says:

    michael i always appreciated u, when i first watched this interview i cried so much cus i felt his pain …

  2. CyrusObsessed1 Says:

    i never really knew mj tht much, but i do believe he didnt kill himself. hes a good person.

  3. Mjstinkerbelle1 Says:


  4. MultiRedhearts Says:


  5. MultiRedhearts Says:

    I hope mj accepted Jesus Christ

  6. EXPL96 Says:

    my album is number one all over the world…*thriller laughhhhh

  7. MyNameisRichGreen Says:

    So he said, “Do you know why I have come to you? Soon I will return to fight against the prince of Persia, and when I go, the prince of Greece will come; but first I will tell you what is written in the Book of Truth. (No one supports me against them except Michael, your prince. And in the first year of Darius the Mede, I took my stand to support and protect him.) Daniel 10:20-Daniel 11:1

  8. l3yrdman Says:

    Conspiracy.. He said it right there. That is really serious stuff. Thank GOD for jesus and thank god for MJ going around the world spreading love. It is to bad the illuminati had a hold of him.

  9. Death2theNWO777 Says:

    RIP Brother…

  10. MichaelJackson9091 Says:

    @MrBkofi im a BIG michael jackson fan but dont say no one is perfect like mj NOBODY IS PERFECT just saying

  11. MrBkofi Says:

    @sublim28 NO HE WAS AN ARCHANGEL

  12. MrBkofi Says:

    @caucazhin SOME PLE JUST DON’T APPRECIATE GOOD THINGS WHEN THEY HAVE IT, in my whole life i have never seen a human being as perfect as michael jackson,this guy was hated by the whole world,but yet he continued to love ple, human being is capable of giving such love, i mean come on WOULD YOU LET AN HIV POSITIVE SLEEP ON YR BED,WHILE U SLEEP ON THE FLOOR?LOL..ONLY ANGELS ARE CAPABLE OF SUCH LOVE,N MICHAEL WAS AN ANGEL..HE WAS TOO COMPASSIONATE TO BE CALLED A HUMAN BEING

  13. MrBkofi Says:

    @ledgendgoku1 he has accepted jesus christ as soon as he came out from his mothers womb..

  14. ledgendgoku1 Says:

    God bless him .. i hope He accepted Jesus before he died

  15. MsLauraJackson Says:

    I think that Michael was honest in what he said…but perhaps his judgement on what he should or should not have done in regards to inviting some of those families to Neverland was skewed because of his drug problems. I don’t believe that he ever did anything criminal or sexual to either child he was accused of molesting, but I do think that his mentality was a bit muddled because of the drugs, his unparalled fame, and his abusive childhood. He didnt know a normal life and that destroyed him.

  16. MrsFuture90 Says:


  17. kittycatcarley Says:

    @Subz3ro247 yes he did

  18. Subz3ro247 Says:

    @kittycatcarley HAHA jesus said love

  19. kittycatcarley Says:

    the interviewer looks like obama!

  20. kittycatcarley Says:

    i believe him. in my guts i know he didn’t molest any kids.

  21. daphnerh1984 Says:

    You can tell he is sincere and telling the truth! Just listen to him, he would never hurt a child. He’d slit his wrist first!!!

  22. lpadua11 Says:

    Sweet MJ ! you are the best! And you will always be #1 you are like Jesus MJ and I love you! I love God, I love Jesus, and I love Michael

  23. whoreasphyxia6661 Says:

    i personally dont believe michael jackson molested children, i believe that he was a confused individual and a very depressed person he had alot of issues and playing on that i believe one evil person had the guts to say he did those cruel thing now im not supporting either party on this one michael was avery disturbed person as you can tell by his appearence im also tired of hearing about his death , he is dead yes but all those who condemmed him are suddenly showing up to show support….fuk u

  24. xiheartzacefron94x Says:

    I love you with all my heart Michael <3

  25. ilovemichaeljackson7 Says:

    Be like jesus
    Be God’s glow
    Michael was a light in this
    world blessed with amazing gifts
    which he used to help others and
    to bring us joy_ His message was always Love one another love the
    children_ Just like Jesus L.O.V.E
    Im proud to be a friends and fan
    of Michael. _ I miss him sooo much

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