Barry Greenstein playing online online poker

December 16, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Barry takes on the young internet guys.

I flopped a pretty good hand with King’s and a Queen kicker and then the turn comes aces and then I’m behind in the hand. So the river needed to be a 10, Queen, or King and it was a 10 which gave me the nuts. 10,Jack,Queen,King,Ace (10-Ace) for the winning straight.
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25 Responses to “Barry Greenstein playing online online poker”

  1. guillermofrancella08 Says:

    He sounds like “the tourminator”


  2. noch21Gramm Says:

    lmao…if u lose, u suck and u should stop playing…if you win, consistent, then you are good and u keep playing…
    its that easy kid…dont blame others for your own miserable abilities…

  3. JackOfClubs777 Says:

    Haha. lets play tomorrow my FTP username is lunacie5697 =)

    And yes
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  4. mS28811 Says:

    “Ace-8 against jack -8, where is this guy from?” Haha, that had me rolling

  5. buchan23 Says:

    Wow Barry sucks as yelling ship it. I think The Tourminator should give him a lesson or 2.

  6. SuntzuMocro Says:

    @idealqaholq get ur fucking mm huge ass

  7. ganuenen Says:

    ship it buddy, good bye!!!

  8. 91Holdem Says:


  9. UnpredlctabIe Says:

    relax your sponsored at pokerstars, like that ace isn’t coming.

    i hate online poker. so bull

  10. kingdingle Says:

    Now you know how he really feels at the poker table….don’t let the quiet man fool you.

  11. idealqaholq Says:

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  12. lg123xyz Says:

    Never seen him act like this at the table lol

  13. unanimouscountrywid Says:

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  14. smokebogie Says:

    @myone2008 turd

  15. smokebogie Says:

    lol ship it buddy goodbye

  16. chank703 Says:

    That’s so tight ship it baby

  17. titties100 Says:

    greatest dude in poker. thats as excited as ive ever seen him.

  18. hurleyedhfkg Says:

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  19. danoid123 Says:

    @myone2008 shut up, you just clearly suck at poker

  20. WhytyProd Says:

    Goodbye, very nice.

  21. zakarijus1 Says:

    When i grow up from 0.05/0.10 i wanna be just like Barry funny and nice person

  22. frettingjugglebkc Says:

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  23. hurleyedhfkg Says:

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  24. axolotl84 Says:

    @Th31C3Clan internet!

  25. axolotl84 Says:

    lol legend

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