Barbie Girl Northland '07 Drag Show

May 30, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

This is one of my favorite acts from the Drag Show…
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9 Responses to “Barbie Girl Northland '07 Drag Show”

  1. sexpot06 Says:

    WOW this was so great.

  2. Sunshineista Says:

    Yay I was right behind the cameraman for this I miss Northland fun times!

  3. Sunshineista Says:

    hehe nope they’re both girls

  4. whoaaitsHEATHER Says:

    That was great:)

  5. vonweezie888 Says:

    No it is in the Alvord Theater at Northland College

  6. carlydibo23 Says:

    is this in a shopping centre northlandz ????

  7. forpawz Says:

    Actually, we’re both girls. Thank you for the compliments!

  8. VideosRawesome Says:

    ~wOw~ That was awesome! However, I’m just wondering… is the one in pink also a guy, or is that a girl? Cause, if that’s a guy, this is the best drag I have ever seen! Howbeit, kudos to both performers =)

  9. OcaseyloyO Says:

    this was amazing

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