Banned Axe Snakepeal commercial

June 13, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

I don’t see why this was banned………….looks fine to me….yeah. too bad i don’t speak german! edit: **sarcasm** (cause the first 300 people posting really understood that) – I’m basically addicted to it, but I hate it
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29 Responses to “Banned Axe Snakepeal commercial”

  1. 01musicbabe Says:

    omg they actually thought they could get away with this?!

  2. iceCOLDkillaxDLoL Says:

    i understand everything :P

  3. Ahya728 Says:


  4. JERAM009 Says:


  5. steveharley0345 Says:


  6. KnallinG Says:

    Those germans totally failed on dubbing this lol.
    Btw, no it wont make ppl from the same gender be attracted to you, unless you are a girl :)
    They say, it’s not a normal gel, it’s a gel for men!

  7. arham0rahim Says:


  8. batmann12111 Says:

    @hatian123 Take a look at 1:09 and forward..

  9. pervert699 Says:


  10. PoPoklatscher1 Says:

    scribd´╗┐ (dot) com/nb812´╗┐

  11. hatian123 Says:

    Why was this banned?

  12. cphwood Says:

    wow nice lesbos

  13. XxD4rkS14y3rxX Says:


  14. Rotzian Says:

    Da fuck?!

  15. DeapMeaning1 Says:

    Nom… all i have to say Nom….

  16. heaven2sexiii Says:

    @r3ini EW

  17. 404anonnotfound Says:

    @MRxxx313 GRAMMAH NOT-SEE!!!!

  18. MRxxx313 Says:

    Nobody spelled fantastisch (=fantastic) right, it’s …-isch

  19. XluvsX2XsploogX Says:

    i speak german bu t seriously every time i hear the word fantastich i think of bruno. which really creeps me out

  20. gotheal28 Says:

    lmao at the end it looks like their arguing

  21. AaronJoshandRiley Says:

    that michelle girl is all over that other girl, there lesbians!

  22. CJalltheway1 Says:

    yes… fleeguhtun so true

  23. roxyhunter24 Says:

    umm i guess they wer showin too much body n the girl in the blu bikini is prob lez

  24. 0heartshapedbruise Says:

    It’s not real :D

  25. DarkShadow9 Says:

    thats german..

  26. GGGAMBLEdotCOM Says:

    wish they’d shut up and just take their clothes off

  27. Dan2 Says:

    Good boom shadow lol

  28. michaelplaying Says:

    wow .. Iove it :-) ))

  29. athenah888 Says:

    Yeah, Strip Poker is definitely my thing! ;)

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