banned axe commercial "shower Girls"

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25 Responses to “banned axe commercial "shower Girls"”

  1. NitroMagnet Says:

    LOL… AXE PORN. What keep you clean =D

  2. zomzom26 Says:

    nice butt lol

  3. zomzom26 Says:

    nice butt lol

  4. PLTGARBAN Says:

    This wasn’t banned, I remember watching it in Spain

  5. shinobiracoon Says:

    stupid commercial.. yeah ok try to make ugly guys think axe will make them hot lol!!! that guy is ugly.. and just because he has axe on him dosen’t mean any hot girls would be attracted to him.. thats how i know IF YOU WEAR AXE, your automatically a TOOL :)

  6. tinzan Says:

    wasn’t banned in sweden. ^^

  7. Glinkaism1 Says:

    Axe me no questions. I tell you no lies.

  8. josie199812 Says:

    0:25 yu can c his diickk!!!

  9. jalford312 Says:


  10. SoyMoney Says:

    I think I saw a bung hole….wtf?

  11. boboliverto Says:

    @mrcheesecaketime are u stupid?? how can u be so gullible to believe that kind of stuff?? I read like a thousand of thos and omg! isnt it amazing how im still alive -.-

  12. rsmovielord Says:

    Actually wasnt banned in Holland

    yes, we are all perverted =D

  13. Rikuthedarkheart Says:

    @ThatBoombangUser yeah they were making babies at the end

  14. JJ2xG4M1NG Says:


  15. JandApresent Says:

    haha wow, i wish i was that guy

  16. Shante1019 Says:

    LMAO! XD
    Tha Endinq Part!

  17. MrSkyMalta Says:

    ok we saw the male version…weres the female version lol

  18. edcasabonne Says:

    sigh… a man can dream

  19. arceus0122 Says:

    @mrcheesecaketime seriously I hate it when people do that so ya those things don’t work and that really is a spam cause Scott Jackson is a kid in my class

  20. ThatBoombangUser Says:

    OHHH i get it now ! they are copying his every move so at the end..

  21. MsJazzy604 Says:

    Sis was soo funny

  22. RamTerritory Says:

    @mrcheesecaketime Please stop posting that spam, it is really annoying.

  23. babysky1224 Says:

    @mrcheesecaketime that’s my birthday, December 24

  24. mrcheesecaketime Says:

    On December 24,2006 at 8 o’clock in the morning, a young 14 year old boy by the name of Scott Jackson was found dead.Doctors couldn’t come up with the cause of his death.His mother checked his emails to see if she could figure out what happened.Turns out he was still signed into myspace.She found he had gone to sleep after he read and didn’t repost a chain letter.if you don’t repost this to 6 videos a girl with no face will kill you tonight

  25. lilmsgothicprincess1 Says:

    Omg the end XD

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