BANG YONG GOOK(Debut) – I Remember MV (Rapper)

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B YONG GOOKANG(Hot Debut)- I Remember MV(Rapper)(with.YANG YO SEOP) COMPOSER :BANG YONG GOOKANG kpop miss bad girl good gummy there is no park hyo shin bye my love 2ne1 go away bigbang lie korean korea dance choreograph beast mystery jypentertainment f(x) nuabo lady gaga live strip poker face 2pm wonder girls 2am green day 21guns muse time is running out sanE BAD BUT GOOD south music SG Wannabe La lala eminem not afraid tvxq keep your head down cn blue alone mblaq y
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My favorite songs of Season 1 minus Funny Girl and Poker Face. Comment if you would like. Suggestions would be nice. It’s my first video so be nice lol
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26 Responses to “BANG YONG GOOK(Debut) – I Remember MV (Rapper)”

  1. TwizTransformerz Says:

    this guy here is not scare, he raps well, and sing like a star! like

  2. themasterkirkfurter3 Says:

    woop woop goo team rachel! ;)

  3. 1308natty Says:

    my god.. lea has an amazing voice…her voice fits perfect to any song..:)

  4. Aleetwin02 Says:

    @BieberMahoneluver615 1×21 Funk.

  5. Aleetwin02 Says:

    @deathbird1395 1×09 Wheels.

  6. jojogleek Says:

    j’aime beaucoup!!!

  7. dazjah14 Says:

    i love rachel and shelby

  8. TERREN65 Says:

    why do es everyone hate rachel . she fuking mega talented … and if u really know her character shes really a sweetheart

  9. Waterlina12 Says:

    Too many people want to be gleek now. Who wants to be popular? But I am a gleek.

  10. P4p3rB4tVG Says:

    @Aleetwin02 what wad finns first song??

  11. chickenbobjoejr Says:

    To many Rachel songs

  12. klainefame Says:

    Kurt’s Defying Gravity is much better. I LOVE YOU CHRIS COLFER/KURT HUMMEL

  13. klainefame Says:

    Kurt’s Defying Gravity is much better. I LOVE YOU CHRIS COLFER/KURT HUMMLE

  14. klainefame Says:

    Kurt’s Defying Gravity is much better. I LOVE YOU CHRIS COLFER/KURT HUMMEL

  15. 2camprockcutie2 Says:

    i love kurts defying gravity better

  16. NavyCute Says:

    im a total gleek for life !!!!!1

  17. Ginnocently Says:

    I prefer the “Defying Gravity” version in which Kurt sings with Rachel. Their harmonies are beautiful! :-)

  18. 1crazygal1 Says:

    i am a gleek and proud, thumbs up if you are too :) xx

  19. mondoslemeusien Says:

    how do you do a choice in all the amazing songs ?!!! (i’m french so sorry for my english :) )
    for season 1 : defying gravity, total eclipse of the hearth, 4minutes, don’t stop believing, any way you want it/lovin’ touchin’ squeezin’ is my top 5… but it’s hard to do a choice !

  20. deathbird1395 Says:

    What episode is defying gravity in?

  21. smile7243 Says:

    i love glee

  22. Horizon99100 Says:

    I think you did really well for the first time.

  23. Horizon99100 Says:

    what’s the song at 3.09?

  24. RASberryLOVEer Says:

    how bout Bohemian Rhapsody? i love that one ! that is my #1

  25. RASberryLOVEer Says:

    how bout Forget You? and Bohemian Phapsody?

  26. BieberMahoneluver615 Says:

    when did they sing another one bites the dust???

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