Bad Romance

January 02, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FANMADE! Tribute to Lady Gaga and her new cool song Bad Romance!


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  1. LostWarrior101 Says:

    @snakeboyguam10 the princess arer suposed to be teens -_- ya right they all look fucking 20 or so

  2. Gideon235 Says:

    @snakeboyguam10 sounds a bit like Night on Bald Mountain

  3. EyeofGaga1 Says:

    made me smile :) So cute!

  4. RedDragon033195 Says:

    oh how i miss the old disney movies. *sigh* i miss them and that quality. DISNEY, MAKE MORE FAIRY TALES!!!! except for the princes and the frog, that was bullshit.

  5. AirForceMiss Says:

    That… was… AWESOME!!!!!

  6. EveAndKellyRocks Says:


  7. jubbywubb Says:

    what was the picture from at the start?

  8. TheLucifer92 Says:

    @snakeboyguam10 It would be hell of a fun! :D

  9. snakeboyguam10 Says:

    I would like it if disney was dark, and made for teenagers like us also.

  10. TheLucifer92 Says:

    @kinjokinjokin Anastasia

  11. kinjokinjokin Says:

    what’s the movie at 0:50?

  12. TheLucifer92 Says:

    @snakeboyguam10 Very creative :D

  13. snakeboyguam10 Says:

    Every time I listen to this song, I think of lady gaga in a bathtub like the one in the music video on the very top of a mountain with demons swarming around her like she’s their queen and fire rising high into the sky, destroying everything around her. And when the song ends, what’s left is a wasteland.

  14. misslittlepotter Says:


  15. NinjaHunchbackWizard Says:

    this is so badass 8D

  16. AQbatteler Says:

    there have been soooooooooooooo many bad romances

  17. AQbatteler Says:


  18. AnimeFeak111 Says:

    the videos really cool. witch programm did you use?

  19. Animationteen Says:

    Such an awesome video! Love it!

  20. ming60988 Says:

    This is a perfect song for a perfect video!

  21. draaijman Says:


  22. LatasianDevil Says:

    I REALLY LOVE THE Esmerela & Frollo part and the Card for “Walk Walk Fashion Baby…” lol

  23. TheLucifer92 Says:

    @18whitehorse Hehehe Thanks! really appreciated!

  24. TheLucifer92 Says:

    @thelouisfanclub Gracie!

  25. TheLucifer92 Says:

    @x30o0Megara0o0x3 xD Tnx!

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