Baby Bash – Outta Control feat. Pitbull – Official Video

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Outta Control ft. Pitbull – Baby Bash. Available now at iTunes and Amazon MP3! (c) 2009 J Records a unit of SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT

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25 Responses to “Baby Bash – Outta Control feat. Pitbull – Official Video”

  1. kafk86 Says:

    @Baby4Ghost sarah jane howell

  2. michael7bolger Says:

    that dj in the pink is savage

  3. eileensantos1 Says:

    this the best song hey made with pitbull

  4. hernandez1280 Says:


  5. tonego65 Says:

    hot chick in pink is Paula Deanda

  6. serbianlady4eva Says:

    dios mio que le paso a baby bash que decepcion!!

  7. intution1234 Says:

    WTH is this

  8. HotStuffQ8 Says:

    thumps up if u listen to this song because of pitbull

  9. btknight85 Says:

    Wow who the Hot babe in Pink man?

  10. UniqueMs7 Says:


  11. vanekvlg Says:

    а что это за девушка в розовом? очень красивая

  12. khoniliouskulleh Says:

    vic kim and crew :) quest crew

  13. 2050watup Says:

    @Baby4Ghost all of them..

  14. nikademon Says:

    Only cause Quest Crew is in the video i watched it cause baby bash is a total deception what the hell happened to him!!!

  15. mzjazzy420 Says:

    i love pitbull he always have some sexy bitches on his videos…lol

  16. TheMrBrice Says:


  17. KINGLINKS24 Says:


  18. catra562n Says: bash got punch in the eye,or got stung.right eye. “left looking at it thru here”

  19. joydeelabalan Says:

    actually she’s MEGAN FOX!!!! thumbs up if u like her! she’s gorgeous in watever she’ll into.. =)

  20. aguafinatv Says:

    @MrSoldierboi420 This coming from a clown with a name like soldierboi, hahah, IT SHOULD BE MRCLOWN420. It fits u better

  21. Voice1977 Says:

    @SachaTheEvilOne LMAO he certainly does!

  22. Altangor Says:

    COMEON WHY IS THIS SHIT RELATED 2 Eazy-E’s Graveyard? holy fuck ffs youtube-.-

  23. clodz028 Says:

    the girl in pink looks like lindsay lohan

  24. ursulac1975 Says:

    Wat happened to Baby Bash? He does look like a baby no more!

  25. autodown6 Says:

    When there is PITBULL there are TITS !! ^_^

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