Avatar Girls Don't Want to Be Like Cinderella

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A tribute to most of the kick-butt girls of Avatar. Katara, Toph, Suki, Azula, Ty Lee, Mai. Yes the fire nation girls are in here too because eventhough they’re evil they still kick-butt. Wow, over three thousand views in 1 month!! You guys(and girls :P ) are great!! Song:Cinderella Artist:Cheetah Girls DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MUSIC OR THE PICTURES USED IN THIS VIDEO AND I AM IN NO WAY AFFILIATED TO THE RESPECTIVE OWNERS. THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN MADE.
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25 Responses to “Avatar Girls Don't Want to Be Like Cinderella”

  1. LilDemona Says:


    That’s a coincidence because I have a sweatshirt that says Girls Kick Ass!… actually it says Canadian Girls Kick Ass! ;)

  2. Awsomejapan3 Says:

    I think Mai is the best, she doesn’t regret being dark.

  3. 509mariah Says:

    i hate katara she gets so annoying

  4. raymerortiz Says:

    47 ppl want to be like Cinderella!

  5. Talula4094 Says:

    @pikachuhwang thx!

  6. pikachuhwang Says:

    It’s spelled aura

  7. MsBoredom22 Says:

    Why does everyone always assume that guys are the ones who are tougher than, and therefore should rescue, girls? No matter how strong any guy is, there is always one way that they’ll be down in one shot–*coughcrotchshotcough*–and girls don’t have that weakness. That, and there’s also that time every month where the wise husbands run and hide for three or four days. All evidence says: Girls kick ass!

  8. marie10991 Says:

    mai is my fav cuz she is dark and dont care about anything like me

  9. Talula4094 Says:

    I’ve gotta say that Ty Lee is my fav. She reminds me of a unicorn especially with the line, “I love it here. My aora has never been pinker!” (how do you spell aora?) because, like a unicorn, she’s absolutely goregous but can protect her self.

  10. wildseina Says:

    nice pics. can i get a few

  11. 1111165798 Says:

    2:33 she looks like a dude

  12. 1111165798 Says:

    2:08 hot as fuck

  13. MrTaang Says:

    Toph #1!

  14. JBloodBigmedicine Says:


  15. megaInvaderZimfan Says:

    Girls do kick butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. XXshirokuroXX Says:

    I like azula (Damn, if she was not so crazy) and Mai.
    I dont understand the war of sexs XD

  17. Carly55890 Says:

    Girls do kick the a word.

  18. sp0ng3yb0b Says:

    if they had mental wards they should of put azula in one but she still kicks ass

  19. dannylethal Says:

    @theloveme1999 aye

  20. theloveme1999 Says:

    @dannylethal well atlest zuko is like his mom

  21. funny4ever2012 Says:

    AWESOME vid.

  22. drowcon2007 Says:

    Mai, Ty Lee and Toph are my favorites.

  23. madaszuko123 Says:

    i remember wen i was so excited at this show i bought all series

  24. Videocove Says:

    i like all the girls u had in the vid. ep. Toph shes awsome

  25. Katarcia Says:

    It’s a good film ;)

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