Attack Attack! – I Kissed A Girl(Katy Perry Cover) W/ Lyrics

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“I Kissed A Girl” is a cover made by the Electro-Hardcore-Screammo band “Attack Attack!” from the album PUNK GOES POP 2…enjoy it ;D// I’m going to upload more songs of PUNK GOES POP, PUNK GOES CRUNK and PUNK GOES METAL with their lyrics…so Suscribe me plz ;D!
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25 Responses to “Attack Attack! – I Kissed A Girl(Katy Perry Cover) W/ Lyrics”

  1. MrCapashen2 Says:

    Very Nice with scream and autotune

  2. nadiabieber2412 Says:


  3. shikix3 Says:

    @SaintOwnerLP ewwwwww autotune

  4. XxChRoNiCfAtExX Says:

    what kind of boyfriend wouldn’t like to see his girlfriend kiss another girl

  5. Kerbieridesagain Says:

    @thatcertainguy1 methinks they spend to much time worrying about their hair and not enough about playing music

  6. HerBeautifulRemains Says:

    @kira6000 I dont have enough tumbs to show how much i agree! :P

  7. SaintOwnerLP Says:

    i love the autotune, but screaming music is grotesque..

  8. JenniferTheDark Says:

    6% of viewer’s boyfriends minded it -u-

  9. kira6000 Says:

    Attack Attack definitely do a better job than katy perry. thumbs up if u agree.

  10. ashleyrawrasaur Says:

    <333333 a bit weird tho how there like ''us girls'' :S

  11. cooldood2001 Says:

    @brodie9909 just like you?

  12. brodie9909 Says:

    so… pretty much just with your guy’s singing… and in autotune?

  13. gamecheaterx Says:

    I luv dis version better
    I can sing it epic

  14. prescott0913 Says:

    breakdown was sick!

  15. gwen246810 Says:

    @yaoigirl482 that was 10 months ago lol

  16. yaoigirl482 Says:

    @gwen246810 katy perry rocks so suck it hahhahaha

  17. xXxKmKzNiNjAxXx Says:

    I wish they would have punkified the entire song. Not just the breakdown.

  18. luvlylori08 Says:

    LOOOVEEE this cover

  19. flrofjc Says:

    you know whats sad is that the hardcore part in this song is almost the most brutal they go ( btw i odnt hate Attack Attack! just saying)

  20. xXSATCHM0Xx Says:

    the breakdown owns

  21. guilleg4 Says:

    hahahha the breakdown xD

  22. thatcertainguy1 Says:

    stick stickly attack attack if you think this band is awesome give me a thumbs up

  23. thatcertainguy1 Says:

    kittykitty wonder RaWr<3

  24. zeronee88 Says:

    this is a great bamd and we all know it

  25. RuBenzittO Says:

    buena tio .. yo queria las letras
    y ya la encontre good video

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