At Home with the Poker Superstars: Living Large on the Strip

December 01, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

KSINO.COM does the pop in at our favorite players homes on the Vegas Strip. Including Antonio Esfandiari, David “The Maven” Chicotsky, Brian Rast, Andrew Robl and Dan Bilzarian aka Blitz. Should we have brought a housewarming gift?
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Far East Movement (FM) Girls On Da Dance Floor Lady Gaga – Poker Face I made this remix about 2 months ago. Just added Lady G in the beggning of the mix and few other minor changes. Check it out, this mix has been heard n loved in different clubs in socal. This is the dj version with an intro… Enjoy it! Dj Rich E

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34 Responses to “At Home with the Poker Superstars: Living Large on the Strip”

  1. moedanglez Says:

    nice 4 minute commercial for Ksino disguised as MTV cribs

  2. martybiz1 Says:

    the magician is a class act

  3. TheVoidist Says:

    @chirkut I know man, he talks like he’s had a stroke or something

  4. alex8711 Says:

    “lap dance artists” lol

  5. chirkut Says:

    The way robl talks is so irritating, i just want to cut off his tongue… aaargggGGHHH>>

  6. Beerschot Says:

    @dittodutch Yeah right, that’s why 99% of the top pros live and on line never took any practise with him whatsoever. Not saying it will hurt getting training at the maven, but don’t put it out there as if it were a conditio sine qua non to be a good poker player.

  7. f1oRlicious Says:

    @PowerSlouch does it matter ? it`s about how awesome is living in vegas not how tough they look

  8. PoleReseal Says:

    ephedrine haha classic

  9. qwaz Says:

    I thought he came off pretty well in this, Tiger Dan.

  10. foreverguga Says:

    That’s a dangerous statement to make. But I do think that many of the young high stakers are obsessed with the game just like ADD’ers. Otherwise I don’t think you can make it. Online poker is an autistic world imo.
    I don’t think Andrew Robl lacks social skills like autists, he’s probably just a very intelligent guy

  11. nikitozka Says:

    is it sophie monk on 1:14?

  12. DanielJustinLeBlanc Says:

    Oh yeah and what kind of clown would actually buy this shitty ass clothing? I have played poker professionally and you would never catch me wearing this chessy ass shit. No decent poker player wants to advertise that they play poker. I can fucking guarantee you on that, trust me.

  13. DanielJustinLeBlanc Says:

    I think Robl is a highly functioning autistic person. What the fuck this kid is so fucking akward. Wtf is with his weird faces lmfaoooooooooo.

  14. PunaniLicker69 Says:


  15. PowerSlouch Says:

    i wonder how many times robl had his ass kicked in high school

  16. capuk3 Says:


  17. dittodutch Says:

    David “the maven” chicotsky.. sick set up and probably the place anyone has to go before they can even dream of reaching the status of the other guys..

  18. PunaniLicker69 Says:

    such a sick life these guys live. one day i can live like them

  19. DanielJustinLeBlanc Says:

    No he said neighbors not niggers lol.

  20. JBfan88 Says:

    Antonio>>>> the rest.

  21. DoubleCees Says:

    LOL did Robl just say I have a stripper pole just in case the n***ers need a place to practice? 0:49. Antonio seems like the ultimate dude you would want to party with. btw don’t hurt me bilzerian.

  22. EmpireMaker23 Says:

    LOL at the poor haters

  23. FullMetalllll Says:

    Robl usually never comes off as a retard, and gets a lot of flack for no reason. He does have a massive forehead, though.

  24. Jotyajdh Says:

    i hope robl runs into a superaids tree

  25. perrrry Says:

    Robl actually comes of as a retard, at least when it comes to the social part ;)

  26. backam02 Says:

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  27. johnieretama Says:

    hahah hey joto.. good mix guey.. reminded me of when i poked ur face lmfao! hahaha dope chet piruja.

  28. AFTERNO0N Says:

    also ich finds gut xD

  29. makegana Says:

    yea. ^____^ i almost started doing that.

  30. chinesecheeunit Says:

    dude… nice. love it. subscribed =]

  31. XxyeseniaSK8xX Says:

    sick i dig it.

  32. jamiejensen13 Says:

    Pretty nice remix.
    What did you use?

  33. iFutuRiSm Says:

    hahha do you need comments ?

    not bad the song ;)

  34. DjRichE Says:

    do i have to pop the cherry for the comments in all my videos?

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