Are There Any Spanish Poker Books Available?

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Are There Any Spanish Poker Books Available?

Unfortunately, for anyone wanting to learn poker by reading a Spanish poker book, the choices are limited. There just aren’t that many books written in Spanish on the subject of poker playing. However, one can do online research and possible uncover some e-books, or enough information to give a general idea of the game. In hard print there might be one or two books on the subject, but that’s all.

One way to take a book about poker that is written in English, is to translate the terms most often used in poker. There are only a few terms pokerss one must learn that pertain to the game itself. For example the English word ‘call’ is translated into Spanish by the word ‘llamar.’ Below is a short list of terms pokerss with the English word on the left, and the Spanish translation on the right.
2 Pair-dos Par
Full House-Casa, bote, or just full house
Straight flush-Escelera de color

These words are the most common ones in the real money poker. Even an English written book can be translated so that the reader can learn the game. The Internet is going to be the best way to find anything that is written in Spanish on the subject of Spanish poker books. If you are persistent you will be able to gather enough information that is written in Spanish to give you a good grasp of the game.

Searching the numerous websites that sell books both new and used might net you something, also. The sad truth is that there just aren’t that many that have been written in Spanish, so you are going to have a difficult time, at best. The one or two that have been published are going to be very hard to find, or even possibly be out of print. There are websites that are devoted to selling popular books that are no longer available on the shelves, so you could begin your search there.

Go to a Spanish website and download all the poker information that they have available. You will have better luck with this method than you will looking for one or two books that you may or may not find. The sites will have information that you can print out and read later. Once you have what you think is enough information to get you started, put it all together and read it. This is as good as any book you might find.

The basics of poker playing are the same in any language. The game is played the same, the bets are all alike, but the language barrier stops many Spanish people from playing. It doesn’t have to be this way. If you have a friend who speaks both English and Spanish fluently, they can be of more assistance than any Spanish poker books!

As stated above, all you need to do is learn the basics of poker language and you will be playing poker with the best of them.

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