Arctic Monkeys Sing Love Machine By Girls aloud live lounge Cover!!!

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arctic monkeys love machine live lounge cover!! ENJOY! subscribe
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this took forever too make

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26 Responses to “Arctic Monkeys Sing Love Machine By Girls aloud live lounge Cover!!!”

  1. Kaynas1988 Says:

    I love both versions

  2. JamiePotter09 Says:

    Better than the girls aloud version

  3. irrevocablybemused Says:

    Arctic Monkeys FTW, for pulling this off!!!

  4. 7MrBrooksy7 Says:

    Love it! They just sound like they’re having so much fun!

  5. GirlsAloudFanNumber1 Says:

    Good Video (Y) (:

  6. bulma6781 Says:

    0:14 plz tell me what episode it is

  7. modernhalo999 Says:




    and i thought miroku would take place as snoop dog

  8. inuyashaboy858 Says:

    @kagom34lif3 IKR HAHAHA

  9. kagom34lif3 Says:

    it will be soo funny if sango & kagome melted kikyo XD THAT WOULD BE VERY FUNNY >:D

  10. taisfiguereo Says:

    this is so asume

  11. CatValentine1995 Says:

    You know this takes place in Japan right? O.o

  12. mexicanitahonrrada Says:

    wich episode is 0:15 ??

  13. Monkey81600 Says:

    i’m glad to find ppl who still like inuyasha i was afraid i was the only one ps. the aint my account so……. yeah)

  14. MistyMeek123 Says:

    in 0:42 it looked like Miroku and Inuyasha just fell off a cliff

  15. thisislyss0505 Says:

    someone should make a mix up of the song insteed of California Gurls 4 Inuyasha it SHOULD be Feutal Era Gurls lol GET IT I so stupid :D

  16. abbynajlove Says:

    wow that was great mine is bad because i had made mine when i was just gitting started and i didn’t know very much about making videos

  17. kikyolover94 Says:

    good video. the song’s really catchy

  18. InvaderLilly98 Says:

    i think its funny that the song is california girls and thier from japan..

  19. gabysgifts Says:

    wow i love the video great job

  20. inuyashacrazy4life Says:

    i love this song and video!!!! good job

  21. SherryBirkinFan227 Says:

    GREAT :D

  22. LilMizRizkii123 Says:

    @youneedausername Thats ok

  23. youneedausername Says:

    @LilMizRizkii123 thanks

  24. LilMizRizkii123 Says:

    @youneedauseename Really!!! I also like ur video

  25. youneedausername Says:

    @LilMizRizkii123 i love this song too

  26. LilMizRizkii123 Says:


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