[Apple Girl] Kim Yeo Hee 김여희 – My Music 나의 노래 (Piano)

May 09, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Learned by ear; no mp3/tutorial/music sheets Very simple song, but the lyrics have such a deep and pure meaning. Known as apple girl. I was quite amused that she was able to play “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga on 4 iphones. (And amazed that someone could own 4 iphones lol) I wouldn’t have the patience to play/organize songs on that piece of equipment. It’s a shame that this girl isn’t getting the credit she deserves. I was quite shocked by the reaction of the crowd during her debut, because she has amazing vocals. Please give her love and support everyone! Enjoi! Heartbeat Series 2010
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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16 Responses to “[Apple Girl] Kim Yeo Hee 김여희 – My Music 나의 노래 (Piano)”

  1. BloodDemon47 Says:

    Aweosme video!!!! its beautiful!!

  2. killherhesmine Says:

    i realy love yoe hee!!! i like her song ‘my music’..

  3. ChristyTeHe Says:

    hello, is the song in C major??? Also do you think you could send me the notes of the first bit?

  4. chenyin12 Says:

    no tutorial no sheet? Q_Q u should make a sheet or tutorial… and people will do cover for it and at the same time they are promoting yeo hee!!

  5. rubnel69 Says:

    It’s a beautiful melody and song in Korean even for those that do not understand the language . It touches the heart <3 <3. Not enough music like this these days. Thanks, GimYeoHee. Nanorae Hae!

  6. somegai Says:

    could you do finally by brave brothers and u-kiss cause i have not seen or heard anyone cover it and i really like the intro

  7. TinhMaiKhongPhai92 Says:

    she deserves more recognition D:
    && can you also play a piano cover for her Don’t Fall In Love song

  8. chenyin12 Says:

    OMG…. i love kim yeo hee so much!!! hope can find the music sheet for this song in the future!

  9. teresaa0002 Says:

    i quite like her english version (:

  10. Sunkissedface Says:

    yeah Kim Yeo Hee!
    please support her peepz
    she’s awesome.. :”)

  11. chris3169512 Says:

    Beautifully played. ( : I feel touched…and now I’m going to go check out her songs.
    Your promotion has worked. xD

  12. thangdoremi Says:


  13. VietFantasy11 Says:

    it has a nice feel to it. ~ :)

  14. music2lokyan Says:


    ahahaha i will listen to you; thank you 弟弟 <3
    i hope more people will watch this video though, because then it will help promote Kim Yeo Hee… she deserves more credit

  15. Ahassnake Says:

    pretty melody and deep meaning, I rly like this song ^ ^

  16. xsilvermercuryx Says:

    man spam posting videos ain’t good for your views and ratings….lol plus ur subscribers might miss out on ur previous video…but I think ppl would much rather see this one cause it’s just that much more emotional and beautiful…..this one gets me pretty emotional….

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