Annoyed By A Girl Singing Lady Gaga – Pokerface (Böse Mädchen)

June 09, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

A girl listening to Pokerface and annoying people in the park. Of course it’s all about the hidden camera and capturing funny reactions from people. This clip is from a show called Böse Mädchen (Evil Girls).

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6 Responses to “Annoyed By A Girl Singing Lady Gaga – Pokerface (Böse Mädchen)”

  1. carlos19174 Says:

    Awesome do more

  2. joshuajmv1 Says:

    hahah so funny

  3. TheSimpsonsWorld Says:

    No way would that annoy me, id be laughing

  4. gurresimme Says:

    i would slap her “shut the fuck up bitch” ! and then rape her VIOLENTLY! =)

  5. TheViolin777 Says:


  6. choclatespread1 Says:

    lol thats the funiest thing ive ever seen

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