Android 18 Tribute – Poker Face

June 23, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

This is a brand new Android 18 Tribute, hope you like it! ©®èĎ¡T: I don’t own Dragon Ball Z or its characters Song – Poker Face by Lady Gaga Idea of Poker Face vid – dragonball7d2

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25 Responses to “Android 18 Tribute – Poker Face”

  1. DbzVegetaFreak Says:

    Android 18 is my favorite android and charecter by far

  2. dbzfan4life47 Says:

    Nice amv. love the song, character, video, and show.its too bad she is one of the only main female characters in dbz

  3. ryan489 Says:

    @s3an2k8 Krillin and 18 get married right after the cell saga it’s revealed when Goku shows up the world tournament and sees her there thinking she’s still evil.

    It’s never shown though. It’s implied the 18 likes Krillin at the end of the cell saga and the next time you see her she’s married to him.

  4. DemonKingMMA Says:

    Perfect song for 18.

  5. profootballwr Says:

    the lady gaga of dragon ball z

  6. blackanese18 Says:

    man! this was a real good vid! loved it!! ^_^
    btw, what episode is 2:07 from?

  7. s3an2k8 Says:

    when will krillin and nr.18 get married? is that in the cell saga or in db gt? or when? some1 pplz answer me

  8. AnneAulisRobin Says:

    c 18 is the best Anime character ever!
    She is just Great I would marry her if she would be real!

  9. KayKayEnd Says:

    lol no.18 making Kicking ass sexy~

  10. Bretton823 Says:

    ok not trying to be a perv but 18 is HOT

  11. Predatorwarrior18 Says:

    GOD DAMN nice video

  12. 92Mariofan Says:

    what episode is 1:21?

  13. Tsagia Says:

    I’ll bet she’s Finnish! :P

  14. ona1hard Says:

    awesome! do you know what episode is at 1:16? and 1:54?

  15. ona1hard Says:

    awesome! do you know what episode is at 1:16?

  16. TheAKSEMYOB Says:

    Very Interesting AMV !!! 18 and goku are my favourite charaters!!

  17. jenaleefan1 Says:

    jpence que c18 aime cette chenson pas vous?

  18. Iamthe1SailorMars Says:


  19. silverkaulitz15 Says:

    this is sooo great, one of the best amv’s ive ever seen :D
    she’s soo badass

  20. milkis93 Says:

    @HannahMontana2999 I was wondering the same thing,i really wanted to find out from which episode this part is,but finally i found it.
    It’s the episode 149,it’s called “Ghosts From Tomorrow” :D It’s from Trunks’s memories :D

  21. gravyGANDANGHARI Says:

    I LOVE ANDROID 18 & 17 too! :) )

  22. jenaleefan1 Says:

    je sui fan de lady gaga et dragon ball et pourtant je suis une fille(ses marqué jenaleefan sa ses ma seur,ses sur sont truc)

  23. Warrior9645 Says:

    @noodow715 yes she does

  24. Tyruption17 Says:

    What is 0:28 from? I thought I seen it all and I want to look it up

  25. GoArmyRangers360 Says:

    Hehe, 0:12 Epic cumshot.

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