Amy Rose-Stupid Girl

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*Please watch in high quality* Hey guys, I found this file in the deep abyss of my projects, and I was like: Oh, my God! I remember this! I think this was a request by someone who’s account got deleated, so I postponed uploading this! But then I was like: who cares? And I don’t know what’s wrong with my program, it keeps cutting off the very end of projects when I upload them, so the rest of the song was lost, but oh well. This just shows how inferior everyone else is to Amy Rose. Yep, yep. Yeah, my into is messed up to. I’ll fix it later. Intro song: Poker Face Artist: Lady Gaga Video song: Stupid Girl Artist: Pink PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE, THANK YOU!
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This video was compiled from video and pictures from the 2009 Sparkleberry Swamp Poker Run to benefit the Santee Wildlife Refuge. Special thanks to the ladies for their participation and we thank you especially for making one of the most beautiful places on Earth, a little bit more on that day. For more info or to join us next year go to
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38 Responses to “Amy Rose-Stupid Girl”

  1. GothicDarkneshAngel Says:

    lol i can totally see rouge having a singing voice something like p!nk’s xD

  2. sanji15sonic Says:

    amy no es estupida, y ella si ayuda al sonic team, lo que pasa es que todavia es muy chica, lo que pasa es que estan celosos…..
    aaaa y sally es una puta una putirugolfa eso es lo que es

  3. sanji15sonic Says:

    amy no es estupida, y ella si ayuda al sonic team, lo que pasa es que todavia es muy chica apenas tiene 11 aƱos y no 12, es por eso haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lo que pasa es que estan celosos…..
    aaaa y sally es una puta una putirugolfa eso es lo que es

  4. VickyTheHedgehog Says:

    keep dreaming amy

  5. RacheltheHedgehog1 Says:

    I love Amy. I think she’s AWESOME!!! (BTW, song is pretty dang good as well)

  6. umbrion9 Says:

    @sushitheninjacat She is the most usless character i hate her she voice is annoting all she says is sonic sonic sonic and her color is an ugly fuck plus sonic doesnt like amy he acts like it so her feelings arent hurt not like he really cares

  7. aura984 Says:

    @LovelessLight how manny panty shots did she gets?

  8. dawsonguy1234567890 Says:

    @Velma678 ya

  9. dawsonguy1234567890 Says:

    I subed and liked

  10. Kriplang Says:

    i love this videooooooo

  11. LovelessLight Says:

    Has anyone noticed in the episode of Sonic X that Amy wasn’t wearing panties and you can see under her dress? It’s between the 1:10 – 1:12 mark on this vid. >.>

  12. SaraLee1243 Says:

    @sushitheninjacat You go fuck you self you stupid asshole Amy hating Bitch DIE FUCK OFF GO TO HELL

  13. sushitheninjacat Says:

    @SaraLee1243 go fuckyourself!! i can give u a whole speech that would prove how amy is useless to sega all 100% true so go screw yourself u stupid fan

  14. SaraLee1243 Says:

    @sushitheninjacat Fucj YOU

  15. SaraLee1243 Says:

    @RadicalRuby64 Fuckyou

  16. RadicalRuby64 Says:

    AMY IS A STUPID GIRL!!!!!! I HATE HER SSSSOOO MUCH!!!! No offence. (giggles)

  17. RadicalRuby64 Says:

    @sushitheninjacat I totaly agree with you, dude!

  18. RadicalRuby64 Says:

    No offence to the Amy Fans but I don’t like Amy. She’s so weird.

  19. sushitheninjacat Says:

    man amy is such a retard!

  20. PerryDestroyer Says:

    cool op!

  21. 242BRYAN Says:


  22. jessie40879 Says:

    i love your vedio especially when sonic did not get the ring hahahaha

  23. mathwhiz1986 Says:

    it is ether season 2 episode 14 or 15

  24. decrane100 Says:


  25. helloworld56able Says:


  26. upon1gsxr600 Says:

    well its not like you could put a 300lb bitch in a row boat anyway.. kinda limited to what you can bring lol

  27. montee79 Says:

    damn i shoulda spent 2 grand on a swamp boat instead of a 30,000grand on a speed boat

  28. ngherke Says:

    haha only sparkleberry is like 40 mins from my house :D they do have some how do u say strapping young women there

  29. 21daytona502 Says:

    WOW. Very sexy women…

  30. ronald19534 Says:

    Who knew you could get that many good lookin’ White Women in a swamp at one time. Only in the South!! Carry on Boys!!!!

  31. mikeyg099 Says:

    hell ya! Who says you need a 500k boat to get some pussy! hell a cheap aluminum boat with a damn trolling motor does the trick. I really need to attend this one year. ill save 3k taking the damn boat to havasu.

  32. Bill0254 Says:

    Damn! This is enough to give a old man like me a heart attack! I enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks for posting.

  33. morace250 Says:

    hahahahahaha swamp party haha fuckin hillbillys

  34. CUducks Says:

    i wonder who the douche is who doesnt like this? haha THIS IS SO MUCH FUN! hate i cant be there this year! yall make sure pack’s gets good business! those are good ppl down there. they’ll take care of you!

  35. hellbilly074 Says:

    Women from the south are the hottest!!!

  36. otm3 Says:

    this is in sparkleberry swamp in sc.

  37. JaceMullen Says:

    where is it

  38. BubbaZ71Tahoe Says:

    Damn I want to attend this… looks like fun.

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