American Idol 2011 Top 12 Girls – Pia Toscano

May 09, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video – All rights reserved American Idol ®, 19 TV Ltd & FremantleMedia North America, Inc. The top 12 girl semifinalists each make their way onto the stage for the first time before a live audience, hoping that they have the skill and presence to earn the necessary votes to make it into the next round of the competition. Pia Toscano, Top 12 American Idol 2011. Wanna watch the magic of American Idol live? Well then better be quick, join Ford Contest and win an all expense paid trip! @ Get FREE Report Reveals – The 7 Sins of Affiliate Marketing @
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25 Responses to “American Idol 2011 Top 12 Girls – Pia Toscano”

  1. KayPotter1 Says:

    wow when ever i hear her muic I will cry that is so fantastic :)

  2. pizzachrercksz Says:

  3. mrpsa Says:

    @Clof1959 i have one comment for you: your mouth is so BIG and you are so opinionated! Mind your own opinion and close your mouth because it’s too big for the human ear! get it?

  4. WARRI0RH0CKEY41 Says:


  5. hejoacca Says:


  6. Israelgal Says:

    What?? She exudes class. You can see she is a truly gentle soul with love for everyone in her heart. I don’t know how you can interpret her attitude as ‘bitchy’.

  7. firpo021 Says:

    pia was the best singer in this season, my votes were for her im from Puerto Rico and she still has alot of fans, i hope she continues to sing and for sureee i will buy her first album hope she includes ill stand by you, because she sings this song as no other, PIA TOSCANO the bestttttt

  8. AnnieTigerChucky Says:

    Best female of the season. Her elimination was a disgrace! She should of made top 3, while Jacob Lusk should be runner-up to Casey Abrams. Truth is, my gut is telling me that James Durbin will be runner-up to Scotty McCreery.

  9. werneck1111 Says:

    she has a beautiful voice but a bitch atitude. “Be Humble” my dear if you like to be the winner.

  10. thejam1212 Says:

    The reason she went out is because people are 2 lazy 2 phone in!!

  11. Farpo123 Says:

    The only one who comes close this year is Lauren…Pia Should have been allowed to go all the way because she is the “BEST of the BEST!”. Just wish America felt that way…Pia, you will be #1 REGARDLESS!!!

  12. purpleporche Says:

    f the people that didnt vote for this chick since she got voted off. yea f u

  13. PJCLT Says:

    pia ….this really makes me tears every time i watch you sing this song,i watch ten times and listen your good voice…..i watch this american idol compitition every time i wike up in the morning and excited to hear again pia voice….but she go off!

  14. 090783 Says:

    OMG…I thought it was actually a Finale Performance….After watching this I thought the competition was over..

  15. TheFunnyMinute Says:

    omg this was beautiful!

  16. facobos1 Says:

    I hope she gets a recording deal! I will be the first to buy her CD!! She is amazing and she has talent, in my opinion. By the way, I’m a music teacher.

  17. themoonandthesky1 Says:

    Pia,,,, you go on girl, I love you so much, by the way I am a female, not a male, its amazing the way you sing, go on, I just wished if you had a chance to sing the Titanic song, ( love gos on and on. ) please would you try to make the wish of American comes true.

  18. oesdoob Says:

    @Justinbeiberesmubein oh wow, you’re cool. Obviously you’re blind and tone deaf. You may not think she’s the best, but come on she is really good. You don’t have to love them, but at least respect their performance. Grow up.

  19. maystiquek Says:

    haha when i heard her beautiful voice it remended me of how fake rebecca black’s voice is!!! thumbs up if you agree

  20. piezforever Says:

    she got voted off memories

  21. brrger Says:

    (718) 738-4162 this is her cell number

  22. kelvinpyaeko Says:

    now that i know she was voted off, i was having nostalgia with this! we love you pia

  23. shocheton26 Says:

    Heyyyyyyyyyyy Little Celineeeeeeeeeeeeee ……….WOW !!!

  24. TheBaseballfrek Says:


  25. JimKF Says:

    @Justinbeiberesmubein And you are clueless. Pia does sing with emotion.

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