America´s Next Top Model Cycle 12 Portfolio

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This one is my first video. ANTM’s Portfolio Cycle 12 the winner was Teyona Anderson but my favorites from I begin Allison and Celia. The Girls in order of elimination; Kelly “Isabella” Falk, Jessica Santiago, Nijah Harris, kortnie Coles, Sandra Nyanchoka, Tahlia Brookins, Lauren “London” Levi-Nance, Natalie Pack, Felicia “Fo” Porter, Celia Ammerman, Aminat Ayinde, Allison Harvard, Teyona Anderson. Songs; The Fame by Lady Gaga Just Dance by Lady Gaga feat Colby Odonis Poker Face by Lady Gaga copyright ; i want to give all the rights to the songs used in my video to Interscope Records, and the Photos to The Cw and to the people that take or create them. I am only using these songs and phtos for entertainment purposes for my video.

Fuck your ego, fuck your scene. All your shorts are brown and green.
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33 Responses to “America´s Next Top Model Cycle 12 Portfolio”

  1. AbelRawx Says:

    Allison should’ve won.

  2. rawralicious40 Says:

    Teyona always project average photos. Tyra is so stupid for making Teyona win.

  3. maryduda004 Says:

    @tenababy1 I totally miss that this was actually my first video no idea what I was doing.

  4. tenababy1 Says:

    You skipped out on 2 of Nijah’s pictures, why?

  5. mindim1000 Says:

    there’s one missing. the one who tahlia left

  6. miguellin0nne Says:


  7. Hadrian6984 Says:

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  8. Manfred1198 Says:

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  9. CrystalJupiter Says:

    Allison! The girl with the huge eyes! I saw her on a meme website. xD

  10. sims2admirador Says:

    Allison of course!!! i love her!! Thanks for the video

  11. xjanna10 Says:

    Allison I Think She Is Better, But Teyona Is Very Good Too.

  12. Ninjacandies Says:

    I loved Allison :)
    I really don’t think Teyona should have won, she definatly wasn’t as talented as some of the other girls.

  13. maryduda004 Says:

    I think she was more proud of all that she made in the competition, sad for lose but at the same time happy for maked final two.

  14. NileySeries989 Says:

    I loved Allison.I wished she one.I was really suprised she didn’t cry!

  15. olgaole Says:

    yeah i like London too…i havent seen this cycle yet but i judge from their photos :P

  16. maryduda004 Says:

    Me too!

    also Like London and Fo

  17. olgaole Says:

    i like allison & celia!

  18. markemerson26 Says:

    ITS NOT YET SEEN HIR IN THE PHILIPPINES…. i hope mlapit nha…

  19. madelynsprite Says:

    its a shame that none of these girls looked like models

  20. yeyeuno Says:

    Loved allison =)
    Shmae thta she didnt win
    Great portfolio!

  21. zerolazer369 Says:

    tyler i agree with ya scoby doo is a fag hes so scared iof everthing and why cant the y fight iwth guns

  22. MrBFCseasider Says:

    Daniel Agincourt blows up….. He is unconcious WTF!?

  23. jupiterfive Says:


  24. Rancor856 Says:

    why is there a random broken toilet in the pipes

  25. ABoyNamedLytviak Says:

    I Will TOOOOoooooOOOOO!

  26. Quincy00700 Says:


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  27. cancerkills567 Says:

    My god I watched all of these in one day. I remember watching these at like 12AM and it’s 5:45PM now. I feel like I did something today

  28. cancerkills567 Says:

    I punched Daniel Agincourt once. Little pussy just took it

  29. bludeborne Says:

    Tyler can sing!

  30. spikegilfer1997 Says:

    there was a kid in middle school named dylan
    he was a gayman wasn’t he?
    i know a dylan that is now in middle school
    everyone called him dildo

  31. xXwest15Xx Says:

    almost all the related videos are about girls now lol…

  32. Bananapielord Says:

    @oldwayneC2 ahahahaha hellz yeah man ;)

  33. oldwayneC2 Says:

    Lol @ the hot girls in tags xD

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