All Guy Strip Poker :/

May 11, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Me and well actually my friends playing “strip live strip poker“.. I was like why are you playing strip live strip poker when its all guy and at least no girls here? haha.. (No Homo!!)
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7 Responses to “All Guy Strip Poker :/”

  1. brian2132351 Says:

    mm yea playing strip poker with all men. lets think. 1 gets all naked. he covers it up because hes not into showing other men his shit. but thats not a problem as. hell. your men. not gay.. inless curious but lol w/e

  2. 3investigators Says:

    @Krayzie313 Gay? Alas it’s not gay enough! Needs to be longer and more involved.

  3. masteranger2 Says:

    hey pirategod88 thats not what your boyfriend said hahah its me said.

  4. pirategod88 Says:

    Im the guy with the beanie…im single :D

  5. 381MEDALLION Says:

    i agree,there should be more of these. i must be square, because ive never played strip poker.

  6. Ayyyu Says:

    There should be more guy strip poker videos!! 8D

  7. Krayzie313 Says:

    o god you guys are so gay! to bad i wasnt there with you guys that day. lol they isnt ready for meh sexcii body!!

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