A strange take on racism?

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Question by futurejayhawk15: A strange take on racism?
I was flipping through the channels on my TV last night, and I saw channels like “Black Entertainment”, “Black Poker Stars”, etc. And I was wondering what people would do if there were channels like “White Entertainment” and “White Poker Stars”. I can tell you. PEOPLE WOULD GO APE SH*T! I’m not trying to be offensive, I’m just stating my opinion. You hear a lot of complains from African-Americans about racism in America. And yes, there is a lot against African-Americans. But think, us “crackers” over here get a lot of hell, too. Opinions on this matter? (Please don’t assault me with your curses if you take this the wrong way, it’s simply something that popped into my head.)

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Answer by midasmulligan
White guilt allows this to happen.

It’s hypocrisy, plain and simple.

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  1. Ł๑/əЯ Says:

    Your view on it would be the same as saying all the Spanish stations were racist for not including subtitles or for speaking in Spanish at all.

    I do agree that it’s not necessary to point out the difference in their titles. Shows that only include white characters don’t highlight that fact, it just is.

  2. rach Says:

    I know someone that says “I’M NOT RACIST I HATE EVERYONE EQUALLY” and he does.

  3. bloodsanctum Says:

    cue the “but you have CNN” person in 3….2….1…

  4. baby_x Says:

    I know what you mean – i am in no way i a rascist but i feel that there isnt really such thing as discrimination against whites, only blacks
    for example its rasist if someone said “This is black trash, get it off the tv” (which yeah is offensive) but its okay for someone to say “This is white trash get it off the tv”
    That was a crap example but do u get where im coming from? lol

  5. Sami Says:

    Oh Yeah, I hear ya.

    It’s absolutley fubar. Political correctness has been taken to such an extreme – White people are now victimised and discriminated against in the name ‘racial equality’. It’s the biggest load of horse sh!t.

  6. Maria Bianchini Says:

    its a quite complicted matter. see they can call themselves black but we can’t go on about being white… even though we both shouldn’t refer to ourselves as being white or black but as equal humans.
    they are quite sensitive on this matter because of the past history, we on the other hand have no such past. they are affected by this past intensly and surely cant forget it, nor should they.
    i’m amazed that such matters are intensly maximised in the states, slightly in the Uk and france but to all the other countries in the world, there is no such problem. i say
    just let it go and live life… why make a big deal out of nothing!!

  7. Steven H Says:

    Another great example is watching black stand up comedians. They say all sorts of stuff about whites and get away with it. If a white comic told black jokes he would jumped on big time by blacks and liberals.

  8. Cheek Says:

    One black child told me once I am not white. I am pink and sometimes I am a “red face”.
    I think that black and white, later pink, brown, red and yellow, might become swear words.

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